FPS and performance since patch 2.1

I haven’t been on this forum for a month (since the seasaon 2 beta), so apologies if i am repeating threads. Anyway, patch 2.1 is TERRIBLE. I have logged 3k+ hrs since VT2 launch and since the last patch the performance of the game is really bad. My FPS dropped through the floor. I used to get 70-100 FPS on medium settings, but after 2.1 that became 28-70 FPS. I changed the graphics to “low” and capped the framerate at 60, but even if I’m getting a 45-60FPS the graphics look like shoot and I feel like I’m playing the game on acid - facespawns are constant, sometimes there are audio cues and sometimes not. I can be successful on Legend but it just feels like it is random and based on my luck and a muscle memory of how the game functioned when it was fucntional. If I was a new player, I would quit in a few hours 'cos there is no skill required or no lessons I can learn. Right now, VT2 is a shoot show. Please revert whatever lighting or graphical “improvements” you made in the last patch or give me the option to do so. VT2 is my favourite game of all time but in it’s current state it’s just not worth playing.

I also get this weird screen “stutter” for no apparent reason sometimes and not others.


I’ve had very bad performance since the patch has dropped as well.

Yeah it’s a shitshow for a lot of people performance wise.

Best advice I’ve seen to help is to turn both shadow options off (not low, completely off). People have reported doing just this doubling their frame rate, and for me it gave me back 10-20 fps on average, which helps a lot.

It’s stupid at hell that a bunch of players are running around with max everything except no shadows at all to get their game playable. This should be very high priority to fix seeing as it is literally stopping a bunch of people from playing the game at all.

Yeah shadow options definitely seems to be fixing multiple issues and in general anything in the lightning department tends to also be a huge fps boost.
I just find it bit sad that AGAIN fps issues were noticed in the beta already and somehow still they are exactly replicated in the live build.

Shadows. Also, Fatshark Julia said they know it is related to shadows and is on their “critical” list of things to fix. Meaning, they are actually working on it.

say goodye to your fps! and there is no solution in sight, its 4 weeks ago since the broken season2 patch…
this is rly common for fatshark ! they screw up the game almost with every patch ( even after beta tests xD )
performance got worse and worse since 2.0 w.o.m. and they never fix or improve those performance issues.

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