This not only massivly improved my performance but also improved my video quality

Not sure if anyone has seen this but copying what was on here made a madsive difference for me.


I tried the old version and it was excellent,boosted my frames a lot!
Unfortunately ater 1.0.8 update broke my game too much but I will try the new updated version.
Thanks for reminding me about this !

They change a lot of stuff that minimally affects performance and only makes the game look flatter.

I have been tweaking this incessantly. I run on a 3080, Ryzen 7 3700X, and 32gb RAM. I got 50-60fps in beta, and raised that to 90 with the config in the OP. I then tweaked more, and got my FPS to consistently over 100 in the hub, and at lowest 60fps in giga hordes.

The key options to tweak are all fog-related pretty much. Also, any option that has a hidden “off” can net you more performance.

I found the config linked in OP made the sun-shadow related tweaks, and they’re one of the single biggest graphical downgrades you can make. Yes, it gets more performance, but it looks so bad…and that’s coming from someone who played TF2 exclusively with flat textures.

Here’s my medium config. It has fsr2 enabled, but I run DLSS on quality with a minuscule performance gain over fsr2.

Here’s the low config.
I can’t remember if I reenabled sun shadows on that one, it resembles the one linked in OP though, probably with a few tweaks. I ran fsr2 on quality because I could, but performance will get some FPS back.

The big thing is, this game seems to be CPU limited for me big-time. So actually increasing some graphics options helped performance, especially introducing ambient occlusion I think.

I can do 1080p/high settings/150 fps average, but I turned off or down a lot of stuff which seems unimportant since this game is so hard to run.