New DLC, let me make a test

Hi guys, i’m wondering: if they will release a new DLC in a week, will you buy it considering the actual state of the game and considering what FS have done since now?

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In a heartbeat! Looking forward to new levels to run.


If they release it in 2 weeks instead and release a bugfix patch next week, unless they decide to release a bugfix patch tomorrow which also includes a fix for 1342 and the occasional ‘‘2:00 AM kick-everyone-out-of-the-game’’ crash.

If they did that I’d buy it next week aye. If they instead release another ‘‘nerf A B C D’’ patch then no, I wouldn’t buy much anymore at that point, too many classes need some love atm to warrant more of that - most notably WHC

But that’s my opinion!


That sounds like the one that happens every Tuesday, because of Steam server maintenance. There’s nothing FS can do about it, and it affects a lot of other games too. It’s also predictable, though requiring paying attention outside the game.


Nah I think there’s an issue with the new quest system kicking people when it refreshes.


Wasn’t on a tuesday and we could log back in right after and had our quests waiting for us c:

I would perma quit instantly, cause that would mean, that all this time they’ve been working on a new DLC instead of adding missing content and tweaking balance.


Plot twist, @Diablos84 is a FatShark employee going undercover here on forums and feeling the “pulse” :rofl: (like they haven’t felt it already)

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i think @NikKotovski they were working on the DLC and other things in the same time, not everyone work on bug fixes

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Hahaha WTF man hahaha

I would new maps would be nice.

Yes I plan to get it when it comes out

I’m quite a vermintide fanboy but i dont know anymore. Lots of pretty average design decisions are sort of killing it for me.

I’d be willing buy the DLC twice if they ignored some of the bogus balance complaints. (There are some that are valid, but stop messing with my 1H Axe!)

In all seriousness though, I don’t have many of the same gripes that get reported around here. I’m enjoying my play experience and consider the game worth what was paid. So I’d have to put myself in the ‘yay’ group.

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Not until they fix the issues on legend.

Heck yea id buy . I hope they blow me out of the water like the V1 DLC’s did :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: the only problem i have with the current state of the game is DUPLICATE REDS :confused: :anger:


i hope they add a new class and weapons more kickass skins instead of recolors but 10/10 am buy it just because i love warhammer fantasy i hope they make VT3 or added map editor if that possible.

I would buy it two times. Or three times. Depending on the number of interested friends!
Really, please take my money!!
(and fix Chaos + Skaven on Charm)

Yes I would buy it. I really like the game, issues and all.

I would be hella interested. I would like more maps! New weapons or anything like that would also be great.

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