Need help with Bounty Hunter on legend

I keep getting insta killed by sneaky monks and chaos warriors. I’m running Van Hal’s Executioner because it’s the only red i have. the damage is good but the god damn slow swings gets me killed so much. especially when getting surrounded it’s just too slow even with 15% attack speed.

Van Hal’s Executioner

5% attack speed

20% crit power, i wanted crit chance but after 50 rerolls i gave up

heroic intervention

Chamberlain’s Crossbow (Orange)

9% Power vs Armored

4% Crit chance

Conservative Shooter

Chamberlain-Accuser’s Rosary Necklace (Red, the only reason i’m using this one)

10% damage Reduction against Skaven

2 Stamina

25% chance not to consume healing item on use

Marshal’s Ring (Red, the only reason i’m using this one)

10% Power vs Armored

5% Attack Speed

Drinking a potion grants the effect of all other potions

Token of Manaan (Red, the only reason i’m using this one)

5% Crit Chance

33% Curse Resistence

25% chance not to sonsume granade on use


Vicious Virtue - 5% Attack Speed

Crippling Strike - Increase the boost of critical strike by 25%

Pious Fervour - Critical hits grants temporary health

Rightous Zeal - Kills grants temporary health

Double-Shotted - modifies Victor’s sidearm to fire two powerfull bullets in a straight line

how would you suggest i improve my build to have a better chance on legend?

I’ve been giving this game a lot of S*** lately, some deserved, some not. i hate this game with a passion! it’s a lot of fun and really f****** frustrating but i keep coming back to it wanting to get better and get a full red build for Kruber and Salty… anyway just wanted to say to the devs you made an awesome game.

Dude, my experience with the BH tells me that the volley crossbow is actually his starring weapon.
Heck, its possibly the strongest ranged weapon in the entire game. The triple charged shot (the one you actually use for 90% of the time) crits on every single bolt, pierce armors and simply mows the horde down.
It’s important to get Scrounger as the crossbow trait, so you can actually recover ammo shooting if you also get the talent that makes your Blessed Shots crits cost no ammo.

Though mostly of my 400h with BH have been on Champion, i’ve just finished soloing Against the Grain on Legend (beta branch) and the game improvements really shine on him and the volley xbow.

I use the pratically the same talents as you, except i trade the first 5% atack speed for the 20% reload speed (the volley xbow reload takes ages).

For melee i always use the Rapier, so i can’t provide you insight with other melee weapons. But the Rapier is great for insta-killing nearby trash mob so your passive is up again and you’re ready to launch another triple-bolts crit :smiley:

I’ve not played this class enough to offer definitive advise. So I’ll go with general.

  1. Good players seem to be able to get away with using any weapon, it comes from good blocking and weapon switching techniques. (skills I’m still developing.)
  2. Forget using red weapons because they are red, use the orange weapon you’re better with. Weapon traits/mods only help if you are actually able to use the weapon well.
  3. Forget damage reduction on items, the key is to not get hit in the first place, not to reduce damage from 1 type of enemy.
  4. I’m not sure what you mean by the only reasons your using your trinkets/necklace/charms is as they are red… Are you suggesting you don’t like the traits, or are they set up for some other character?
  5. You’ve got crit chance on a couple of items, I’d suggest getting swift slaying on the red sword, if you’re going to continue using it.
  6. I find extended potion duration to be much better than all 3 potions with a shortened duration.
  7. Shrapnel is my bomb choice… it works every time and it’s nice on bosses.
  8. depending on the crit rate/ammo return your seeing I’d consider swapping rightous zeal to cruel fortune.

You might want to swap health dupe to 30% extra health on healing, as you have a ton of temporary health regen going on in that build.

I watch too many people getting their skulls caved in with this class as they refuse to put the crossbow away.

This is one point I’d strongly disagree with, the while the volly crossbow has very strong reasons to use it, the crossbow has similarly strong reasons as well. ( I have used both.)

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How so? I ask because i used the classic briefly before tasting the sweet field-sweeping carnage of the volley one :rofl:
When it comes to raw damage, it’s a win for the volley crossbow, isn’t it? True, it lacks the sniping power of the classic one, but the damage and horde clearing power make up for this, while there is bound do be someone else capable of sniping. For those rare but lethal situations where the whole mission depends on you taking down something far, you can F with Doubleshot, since it has infinite range with pinpoint accuracy and will one-shot anything (on a reasonably good cooldown). Well, anything except those shielded pricks, but those don’t need to be sniped from afar anyway. :grin:

i use Chamberlain’s crossbow to one shot black rats and get some headshots on chaos warriors, but i will give the volley crossbow another go.

i need some more experience blocking, i dont use it enough, will try to keep that in mind. i actually like the two handed sword i’m just not that good with it, am i mistaken thinking its the highest damaging weapon? the rapier is my other preferred weapon but i want to make the two handed work.

as for the charms and necklaces, i got them on foot knight and have tried to tune them to bounty hunter the only reason i’m using the reds i have is for the guaranteed max stats. even tho there are other stats that i rather want.

the idea behind having all 3 potions active at once is to get some more damage in on bosses although i do prefer having the extended potions, it just seemed logical on the two handed.

what charms, necklaces trinkets are you using? by name, so i can try and mess around with them, i have a pretty decent collection all 300 but haven’t dived into their properties that much.


Dude, with the volley xbow you can one-shot 3 black rats with a single triple-shot (with Blessed Shots). For Volley Saltz it’s all about stacking Crit Power (which you actually got on the Exe sword) :rofl:
/edit: oh sorry that’s on champ, i gotta confirm if it one-shots on Legend after the beta.

Oh, and neck/charms/trinkets actual names don’t matter, when people talk about builds they actually talk about the stats they boost. Like Neck: 20% Health/2 Stamina, Trink: 33% Curse Resist/30% Block Angle. Actually, no one use any item’s name, just their category (Volley xbow, Rapier, Exe sword, etc) :smiley:


A simple, straightforwarded guide to take the most out of the killing machine that the Volley Xbow Bounty hunter is. On the melee subject, things might change a bit with the beta and update, since the 2 handed swords are better, but it just improves the on already powerful xbow.

just finished a run on champ, the volley crossbow was a nice upgrade, swift slaying on two handed too.

dont different necklaces/charms/trinkets have different properties? why make so many different types then?

Honestly, they want to give you the impression of item diversity, but it ends up just being confusing, especially since the accessories do not appear visually. Example: necklaces of any names can be re-rolled to have the same properties. Though each accessory can receive specific properties only. Curse Resistance only on charms, Power Boosts against armored only on trinkets (as examples, i don’t recall which ones belong to each accessory). Oh, here, found the charts to you:

Alright, seems that people here only give you advice for playing champion while you asked for tips for legend. You said that you were getting killed by sneaky enemies all the time? Well, that’s what happens with most people who play Bounty Hunter because they think that they only have a ranged weapon and never use melee, then get stabbed from their blind spot and die… Several times in a row most of the time.

Bounty Hunter is actually a hybrid fighter, not ranged exclusive class. It’s probably the Saltz’s strongest class in terms of damage but lacks survivability (no damage reduction, no increased dodging distance, no life saving ult). I would suggest using a build like this.
You can add small variations for your own preference like switch attack speed for power vs chaos or switch grenadier for shrapnel. This build uses crossbow with Hunter trait (gives 25% power vs the armor type you shot) instead of Scrounger which is benefits greatly from guaranteed critical hits. I will explain the details below:


Vicious Virtue (+5% attack speed)
You will almost never have to reload your crossbow because you will mostly use it when your passive is active. Crossbow doesn’t benefit from reduce weapon spread and it reloads quite fast already.

Crippling strike (+25% power boost of crits)
Honestly all 3 choices are pretty useless but at least this one boosts your crit damage and helps reaching breakpoint against Maulers.

Prize Bounty (Blessed shots consume no ammo)
This is the icing on the cake for this build. Your attack pattern should be as follows. Shoot crossbow into the horde and get Hunter power boost, switch to melee and start killing everything to get back the passive. When your power boost runs out shoot another bolt into the horde and switch back to melee. You can also use your crossbow more frequently but don’t forget to get back your blessed shots by killing enemies in melee because you won’t get back ammo from scrounger. But don’t worry, even if you occasionally use your crossbow while blessed shots are not active you won’t easily run out off ammo. If you see a special or elite, just shoot it with your crossbow. You should oneshot all specials with crits in any distance, with crits you can also one shot maulers (with 3.4% vs infantry or chaos + Crippling strikes) and stormvermin. With the hunter power boost against armor you need another 18% or something power against skaven/armor to be able to oneshot stormvermin with non critical body shots. That means that you can massacre entire patrols by yourself except for shields.

Righteous Zeal (temp health on kill)
The obvious choice because you will be killing lots of stuff.

Encore (reduce ult cooldown by 30%)
The biggest problem are Chaos warriors and the ultimate is the safest way to deal with them. Critical ult headshot is enought to kill them.

Weapons and Gear:

I think that falchion is the best suited weapon for Bounty hunter. It’s fast and doesn’t need synergy with increased headshot damage like rapier does to be useful.
In my opinion increased attack speed and crit chance are the most beneficial talents for it (more killing power) and resourceful combatant to further reduce the cooldown of your ult for those chaos warriors. I think that +15% attack speed is enough but you can use swift slaying for 20% more.

Crossbow is the obvious choice for this build. But you can also use volley for extra challenge and more teamdamage.

+20% Health is obvious
+2 Stamina because falcion only has 4 stamina by default.
Shallya’s Boon (+30% healing) is currently the best necklace trait for most situations.

+5% Attack speed or switch to +10% power vs Chaos if you want
+10% Power vs infanty to make hordes even easier and reach Mauler breakpoint.
Decanter (+50% potion duration) is the most useful charm trait in my opinion for most situations.

+33% Curse Resistance or +10% ult cooldown reduction if you’re good enough
+5% Crit chance to increase killing power
Grenadier (+25% to not consume bomb) or shrapnel (+20% power for 10sec) I have found grenadier to be more useful in clutches and somebody usually already has shrapnel.

If you master this build you will be carrying all Legend pubs and will be getting most green circles by far and in time will find this build way too easy for legend and switch to a harder class like whc. Anyway, I hope that at least I managed to make a few people reconsider their ranged only play styles and become better at the game and die less from random backstabs and ragequit immediately.

Also, if anyone is wondering I have 1k+ hours in the Vermintide series and have 95% of that time on Legend/Cataclysm so I kinda know what I’m talking about.

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a lot to dive into in this post, will definitely look into this more when i have time.

Here are my stats , which depends on my playstyle…

  • Axe with swift slaying, attack speed and critchance.

  • Crossbow with scrounger, critchance and critpower.

  • Necklace with Natural Bond, 20% Health and 2 Stamina.

  • Charm with 25% chance not to use a potion, Power VS infantry and Power VS chaos.

  • Trinket with explosionradius, critchance and movementspeed.

Important is the lvl 25 talent too. I took the doubleshot here.

So let´s say the real “problem” in this game are chaos mobs/ warriors, that´s why i prefer dmg vs chaos/infantry. You don´t need power vs armour, since you´re able to kill every stormvermin with a single crit/ headshot from the crossbow. If you hit the body, 1 light attack with the axe is enough to finish them.

The most says , that the axe is not that good, but i prefer it hardly. The waveclear is fine, as long as you dont slay braindead through the enemies. Use 2-3 light attacks, then push, light attacks, push, etc. AND that´s IMPORTANT -------- permadodge-------

  • If you fight a horde, prefer to permadodge to the right…
  • If you fight any Boss, dodge to the left side, EVERY TIME!

Try not to facetank a horde. You got unlimited ammunition, so use it as long as you can. You can even dodge permanently a boss and shoot him into nowhere.

You can use the double ultimate + passiv to crit a CW down. Otherwise just use your crossbow with crits or the lovely axe. You could play with a falchion too, but since the nerf, i personally don´t feel comfortable with it. It´s not “smooth” and takes to long to kill SV/CW next to the axe.

To your talents/properties:

  • All is fine, but not the critical hits grant temporary health. It´s kind of useless… Take “Reduces the cooldown of blessed shot to 7s”.

  • “To get all potions at once” seems to be fine, but the effective time is reduced. A speedpot isn´t real necessary on the BH, the conpot is fine, but your ultimate got a “quite” high cooldown next to shade/pyro etc. So even this isn´t the best, because you probably will only load 1 ultimate. All you want is a strongpot which lives forever. So prefer to take “longer pot duration” or “not consume”. The crits will do the rest for you.

To my properties:

  • I play NB since the game was released so yeah, if you don´t feel comfortable with it, just stay at your potions.

  • Same here for Movement speed. The most ppl will go on with Curse resistance. I think it´s:

a) useless without grims
b) squishy chars will get oneshot probably so or so if a SV/CW hits them hard.

That´s why i swear on movement in this game. If you´re fast and know your “moveset”, you´ll dodge everything or atleast run away , kite stuff and kill it. More health won´t help you, if you can´t escape out several situations, because you´re just too slow.

  • CDR is not really necessary on the BH. You don´t need the ultimate that often. The BH is a special/armor killer with his perma-crits.

Just some side-tips:

  • If you can, start host games and learn your chars there. Playing without a delay will get you stronger than before and you can practice your playstyle much better.

  • Don´t go on like “OMG a RED… I´ve to play with it”. Try around and find your own playstyle. Yes red´s will give you max stats, but that 1% less on an orange, which you feel comfortable with, is much better.
    1 or even 2% more or less aren´t that noticeable in this game.

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What do you use as 5th lvl talent? Swift reload?

I´m pretty sure i took the 5% attack speed. I´m not at home, so i can´t take a look at it, but it´s extremely strong with the axe, if you´re forced to melee something.

I can tell you more later, if it´s really swift reload. I really can´t promise anything right now.

ty and np, I’m also not at home now :smiley:

you already know the difference lol.

volley’s great for burst damage like a shotgun, but you’ll struggle a little bit with long distance sniping. i used to play a lot of volley xbow, then got real tired of reloading (i’m one of those people that like to reload after expending 1 shot if there’s nothing to shoot)

hitting the 1 shot body shot stormvermin breakpoint for crossbow is where it gets really fun imo.

i normally use a rapier as melee so i have the option to blessed shot a chaos warrior, poke a ratty in the face to proc it again, and reshoot that chaos warrior and repeat. quick for defence blocking and good angles for whipping about.

you could say that both crossbows have their advantages and disadvantages. it’s really up to the player to make them shine =)

This is my build:

Bounty Hunter can me made to work pretty well wich alot of different loadouts, but since he is all about crits, stacking crit damage with the crossbow is a fantastic idea. With scrounger, you will never run out of ammo even with the reduced cooldown reduction and not prize bounty since crossbow penetrates so much, has INCREDIBLY crit power progression and crits kill almost anything in one hit. And unter the current beta, you can kill chaos warriors with 2 crit headshots. Critpower stacking also gives alot more power to your rather lackluster active ability. With a blessed shot, you can kill cw with a body shot if you combine it with double-shotted. Crossbow is, imho, currently his overall best choice, since using charged shots increases your crit chance and since you don’t have any other way to increase your crits, this is rahter significant. With cooldown reduction on blessed shots, you will pretty much be shooting crits all the time. The crossbow does lack in boss damage, but it is still very decent when you land crits.

There are crossbow builds that allow you to one hit body shot stormvermin. While this is perfectly viable, I do find it too limiting if you get a “chaos seed”. The “one body shot stormvermin kill” crossbow is, imho, better suited for Zealot and even more so for WHC.

There are some more exotic builds, like with the repeater pistol and the “hunter” trait that can turn BH in a quite formidable melee combatant, where I think the 5% attack speed would make a good addition. However, if you don’t plan on stacking attack speed (which for most weapons is rather questionable), I’d say focusing on your ranged capabilities is always preferable. BH is a ranged damage dealer and can be suited to very different means. If you want more boss killing, take repeater pistol (though I’d recommend the spread reduction over the reload speed for that) or the volley crossbow. If you want elite killing and over versatility, take the crossbow.


in my testing, the repeater pistol is terrible for boss damage. did they change something?

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So… like it told, i play with the 5 % attack speed. I tested it yet and remember, why i don´t play with swift reload. It´s just not necessary in my eyes. You can kill the most enemies before they even reach you without 20% reload speed and obviously the BH lacks more in melee combat, so it´s better to buff that.

I’m curious about that too… I haven’t played repeater pistol in awhile because it seemed just generally terrible.