Bounty hunter two handed

Finally got a red item, Van Hal’s executioner!

beautiful design, but why would Saltzpyre use a two handed sword? am i using it wrong? because im doing so much better with rapier or flail.

black rats really don’t care much about it same with chaos warriors they just shrug it off, only good use for it is for waves, even then there are better option because of its slow handling.

is there a good reason to try and make this weapon work?

For Bounty hunter, no, not really, as he will hang back more and if need be, Falchion is pretty good crowd-clearer already. WHC also likely gets better mileage out of faster weapons. But I’ve used Two-Hander with Zealot, and it works wonders there against hordes. Its armor clear is still just bad, so you want to compensate it with the Crossbow, for example, and/or with more suitably equipped teammates. The Two-handed Sword in general isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be, and on Victor it does fill a role, but Markus has so many other weapons filling the same niche and doing other things besides that it gets lost in the crowd.

The 2h sword is an absolute killing machine on any of Salty’s carreers and is one of my favourite picks even on BH. If you can balance out the 2h’s biggest detriment, which is killing armour (it actually isn’t THAT bad, depending on your setup, 3 to 4 heavy attack headshots still kill a stormvermin), it is a very good weapon for horde clearing, you’ll have a very easy time hitting relevant breakpoints and it even has surprisingly good boss damage. While most people shun attack speed bonus, my go to pick for 2h swords is always the “classical” “attack speed, crit chance, swift slaying” package. Folks will always say “5 to 10% attack speed is just 1 or 2 additional attacks every 20 strikes”, but that’s missing the point on 2h sword. You don’t put attack speed on it to strike more often, you do it to reduce windup on both light and heavy attacks.

But I would definitely agree it is kind of a waste on WHC (even though it is very good at hitting heads, most enemies die from headshots, anyway, due to its very high damage), it is, imho, the absolute best weapon on Zealot when paired with a good crossbow to tacke out stormvermin. With your added attack speed and crit chance from talent, swift slaying procs very often, and you become virtually immortal in hordes if you go with temp HP on hit with your active ability, as it cleaves like a mofo and kills even more, each of your strikes will more than compensate for every hit you eat. Even CW can be reasonably dealt with with your added attack speed from swift slaying and your active ability.

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I use 2H on Salty, but it usually comes down to which missions. I like the 2H on maps where there are a number of sections with no/few choke points like Athel Yenlui, Against The Grain and War Camp to help deal with potential getting surrounded.
It’s not ideal in every situation, but every weapon has a place to shine.
Another thing to consider is which weapons your party has equipped. If you’re lacking horde clear then it may be worthwhile.

Pretty much agree with everything here. The 2h sword is a very underrated weapon. Swift Slaying is a must though.

I’ve been having fun with it as WHC, as the 20% dodge skill and wide sweeping attacks make for a very safe and effective horde clear, and I can just mindlessly swing my sword with that setup (in certain situations) without taking a single hit. Headshots are also great with it, but that’s no different than any other Saltz weapon. Bounty Hunter is good with it too, with the 30% cooldown to his active, as that makes up for the sword’s biggest weakness. I haven’t played a lot of Zealot, maybe now is a good time to try it out!

gonna try that out, i’ve completely blocked out the other classes after using bounty hunter so much.

trying zealot and getting my ass kicked. i cant get used to that ult, keep running in as if i’m Kruber. it’s gonna take some getting used to.

3-4 heavy headshot to kill a SINGLE SV is abysmal considering how slow it is, how many SVs there are on Legend, and mostly importantly, how some of other weapons can one or 2 shots SV, and this is also disregarding the fact that it will take absolutely ages of kill a single CW.
I do think it is decent enough on zealot with combination of xbow with +20% skaven/20% armor, but then again, a dedicated anti-horde weapon with bad AP is almost always gonna be inferior to a good AP weapon with mediocre or even bad anti-horde capability. It is sad, but unfortunately the current state of weapon balance.

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i’ve seen a couple of builds focused on 1 hit killing for chaos zombies. it’s a really good horde clearer apparently (i don’t use it but i’ve seen good players use it well)

not too sure why but apparently horde killing capability is very underestimated.

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