Mourningstar is a useless trash of a hub

I’ve said it before and other people said it before but I’m in a bad mood so I’ll say it again. Besides, the more something is complained about, the greater the chance FatShark will do something about it.

Mourningstar is large but with absolutely nothing to do in it. It has zero customization (as opposed to VT2 and even VT1), zero social activities (as opposed to the good old times when we had drunken brawls in VT1, a feature which I will never not lament losing in the next games) and little in the way of worldbuilding, nothing except for the occasional message from the vox announcer.

Mourningstar is sh-it.


It’s honestly one of the worst player hubs I’ve seen in a while. The fact that theres nothing to do besides run around from one menu to another makes the whole thing feel like it was designed solely to artificially inflate play time and advertise premium cosmetics. Nothing interesting to see, nothing to do with all the other players running around (now you can do a wave emote at them, big whoop), no reason it couldn’t just be a series of regular menus, no reason to go to the psykhanium because it’s just another loading screen that might end with me getting kicked back to the character select screen. Doesn’t help that network problems basically guarantee I’m gonna have to load into the god damned thing at least twice every time I’m sent there.

Where’s the player character’s quarters? Where are the fun little time wasters and minigames? FS spends so much time talking about the crafting system and how important it is to the gameplay loop. Why then did they place the two stations besides the mission terminal the player is likely to use most often (armory and Hadron) as far away from each other as possible? It’s so tedious! Does anybody at FS actually think this is fun or engaging for the player or was this whole thing just designed by committee to squeeze time and money out of us?

I remember one time I was walking around Taal’s Horn Keep in VT2, just hanging out before matchmaking (something I never feel compelled to do in DT), and I noticed the wine bottles laying around the keep have a bunch of different custom labels. It was a nice bit of attention to detail that lets you know somebody cared enough to put work into something that’s so easy to miss, and I really appreciate that kind of stuff in games. Nothing like that exists in the Mourningstar.


Bingo bongo. Taal’s Horn keep already was a step back from the inn in my opinion due to lack of beer brawls, but Mourningstar is like a jog back home after getting halfway towards the grocery store.


The Hotkeys mod is a thing now so it’s extremely obvious that the hub serves no real purpose, neither social nor for worldbuilding (the intro screen to shops could have served the same purpose)

Basically they could have taken the Escape from Tarkov approach to the hub and nothing of value would have been lost. Imagine if you had no other option but to run from one NPC to the next in EfT’s hub ? lmao


the keep also increased walking distance without any reason no activity’s or anything.

the mourningstar looks nice but that’s about it,
its a joke of a social hub, there’s nothing social about it, its as sterile as it gets

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i would say MorningStar requires 2x Playerbase.

Rally before mission, similar to what we had back in VT2, or DRG. sit in mourningstar while the mission is chosen, wait until players join, then mission starts, until everyone is ready to start.

Also due to how holistic the social tab is , from bugs, from that when someone invites you it goes directly in front your face while disable what you are doing, mostly you would result in declines.

Same as other people have said, I’ve pretty much forgotten it existed after I installed hot keys mod.

Its pretty clear its an unfinished idea that was intended for greater things.




It’s the place to show off your cosmetics and use emotes, which makes it even worse… :exploding_head:

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The keep has a number of functions apart from looking impressive: you can practice a lot of mechanics, e.g jumping.

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Honestly forgot emotes were even a thing. For as much as people use them they might as well not be.

Bet it’s cooler than your house.
You should change you name to KarenTed