Anyone use emotes or see them being used?

After the first week I don’t think I’ve seen anyone use emotes at all, probably even quicker than that. When they first came out I tried to use them but no one really cared (was unintentionally hilarious with an old Zealot doing stupid emotes with an unchanging face while everyone just ignores him).

Like a week ago as an Ogryn I followed a random Zealot around and emoted at him until he did something back which was kind of funny.

I know it boils down to there not being any real interaction available between players on the Mourning Star but just wanted to see if anyone has had a different experience than mine.

What emotes?

Are you joking or being serious? Lol.

If you actually don’t know, in the cosmetics section of your character you can apply emotes to slots and use them on the Mourning Star.

They blundered hard by making emotes only available during the mourningstar.

No one hangs out there. No one treats it like a player hub that Fatshark seems to think it is. Even less so since the mod that lets you access all the locations via keybinding


I’ve never seen them used. I’d love more social aspects but randomly emoting at people ain’t it.


I did not know. Thanks.

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Sorry if I came off a bit rude, but yeah they’re so useless and rarely used that your comment could’ve easily been a joke. I believe once you equip them you can hold space bar on the Mourning Star to use them. The only one I like is the thumbs up on the Ogryn since it makes him smile and it looks ridiculous with some of the faces.

I mention it a lot but I do think it’s one of the main reasons the DT is un the state its in, it really seems like they wanted a more mmorpg feel for the game, and these are the vestiges of that system. While my only real experience with mmorpgs is Destiny, the Mourning Star really feels like a much gutted down version of that. Vendors don’t have quests or items (I guess Melk technically does, and he fits the feel the most), hell you can’t even talk to some of the more important npcs (Zola, Morrow, Maosozi, and Rannick although I understand not bekng able to walk up and talk to him). Just a very unfortunate situation, I definitely think an armory room or something like the VT 2 Keep (I heard the VT 1 Bar was really good but I never played it) would have been much more in line with the current game.

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It’s a bit incredible that the keep in VT2 is more social than the Mourningstar. Just the fact that groups are disbanded after missions means that there is no real sense of camaraderie or any reason to do emotes.

With that said. I have never seen them. I have never seen how to do them myself (and I don’t care). I just know that they were added by some patch and that I don’t care.


Emotes? for what?

i’ve seen people use the lobby emotes once or twice, but mostly just for doing slave squats. i hope they weren’t planning on trying to sell paid ones because there’s no motivation for using them with the current lobby system.

I once saw like 7 players kneel at the spawn point in the mourningstar in a collective prayer to the emperor, but thats about it.

But then again, i am using that mod that allows me to bind hotkeys for the different interaction points in the mourningstar, so i dont need to move from the spawnpoint, so i dont really see any other players besides the ones that just spawned in next to me, or are afk.

I see people sitting occasionally, but the hub is a freakin ghost town even during peak hours so there’s not really any incentive to use them.

Its not going to be useful as a hub until it has content that makes it useful as a hub. But most of that was cut for launch AND FRANKLY NO ONE WOULD CARE. I don’t boot up darktide for a rousing game of cards at a fake bar in a space ship. That sounds cool on a mood board and in an exec meeting where the word “gwent” is being floated. But has absolutely no interest to the type of player that wants to be mobbed by 3500 enemies.

Its a cool idea full of spirit and style, but a bad idea because it won’t be used. The hub is basically what the hub was in Phantasy Star Online 1. A place that exists and has shops.


It feels like they seem to think that people hung out in the VT1 & 2 hub so they wanted to expand on that and make the DT2 hub like, an actual hub.

Except they didn’t realize that people hung out in the originals because it kept your team grouped after missions. Which, they don’t in DT. VT2 was also customizable with the paintings & acted like an additional cool mechanic which made me interested to see what paintings other people unlocked. Again, such a feature is missing here.

I get sadder and sadder the longer I hang out in this forum thinking about how fewer features there are in DT. Like it literally feels like a skin & bones vs of VT2 it’s crazy


I think I used them once maybe seen one or two people use them weeks ago that’s about it.

Literally anything, thats why I was asling because I don’t really see a reason for it either lol.

For current implementation it probably wouldn’t be great, however the reason I enjoyed the more interactive hub in V2 and in other games is that it’s something to do while:

  1. Waiting for friends to join/log on
  2. Stuff to do while friends or group looking through quests, vendors, and gear
  3. Waiting for resets (in DTs case both Vendors and Missions)
  4. Waiting for matchmaking
  5. Something to do (preferably after matchmaking, so replacement for the ready up screen) while your group is discussing strategeies, gear load outs and synergies for the mission
  6. Adds to immersion and “life” to the game, even if you don’t use it yourself.

It’s definitely not the most important thing, and ideally it’d be something more free form than having to actually sit down and play a card game but I do think there are legitimate reasons to do stuff like that. If there was a card game you could maybe even tie cosmetics or betting dockets into it, could be fun.


I tested them and never used them again. Its honestly a pointless addition and the devs clearly missed why it was such a funny feature in the previous game.
Not that I particularly used the feature in v2 either but at least in there I had 3 other players who I could interact with this sort of stuff.

100%. I hardly ever play the barrel game in DRG but it’s cool that it’s there and I think the game is better for having it. Any time a game has something like that it reminds you it was made by people who were having a little fun and probably actually enjoy working on the game.

A sense of life and personality is a real X factor that people tend to overlook when talking about games because it can be really hard to quantify, but it makes or breaks the whole experience sometimes. One of my biggest problems with DT is that it just feels really hollow and lifeless compared to VT, don’t know how else to explain it.

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