There's nothing social about the social hub

I don’t understand what they’re going for with the Mourningstar. What’s the point of forcing me to load into a multiplayer instance if the only way people can interact is a chatbox and some functions in the pause menu?

There are no emotes, no hangout areas, no minigames, no functional chairs, even the idle animations of players and NPCs are entirely clinetside, so what you see is completely different to everyone else. Player-to-player interaction seems to have not even been on the priority list when designing this part of the game.

I hate to invoke DRG for 40,000th time but it really set the standard for what a shared hub area could be. What we have currently is just a main menu where you have to sprint between the buttons.


I get the same sense. I’ve only seen anyone talk in the hub once. Do you even see your strike team in the same instance if you form one? I haven’t.

Given how egregiously long it takes to load the damn thing, the hub adds no value right now. There just isn’t social interaction in it right now. I’d strongly prefer the option to just have a menu instead, for the better load times and less downtime.

It’s particularly bad given how crashtastic the game is right now, and a third of my crashes come on zoning into the Mourningstar. C’mon.

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agree 100000%
If the intent is for us to be able to see other people’s outfits and tempt us into buying cosmetics it isn’t a great setup because there are no places that encourage people to actually hangout. They are usually just crammed around the weapons store all clipping into each other.

Also the third person viewpoint makes it kind of hard to really get up close and appreciate someone’s character. In VT2 whenever I would get a new weapon my friends would crowd around me “oooo-ing and aaaahh-ing” as I showed it off, but now you can’t even see your new weapon skin in the hub other than a boring menu :confused:


I get that they’ve put some dev time and effort into making this, but the only thing they’ve accomplished with this hub so far is low framerate, extended load times compared to previous tide games and overall inconvenience.


Oh also I loved how in the VT2 hub everyone ran to the portal to ready up. I think it would be so cool if Darktide had the players run into the dropship to ready up


The usual answer is that it’s there to sell cosmetics, but I honestly don’t understand how that’s going to work. The Mourningstar is huge, dark, and the already-mentioned lack of interaction between players means nobody really has a reason to stand next to eachother.

The only hotspots are the spawn, armory, and mission terminals. People at the spawn are all clumped up inside eachother. People at the armory are usually only just inside the dim lights there, so all you can see is their back covered in shadows. People at the mission terminals are about the same, but the side that’s lit up is washed out with the green light from the terminal hologram.

Don’t even get me started on how long it takes to load in and out of the Meat Grinder - where nobody can see you.


agree, this game could use cards like from the trailer, and it would be awesome if we could bet with other players and make bank off of em if we are good at poker/blackjack/gofish/whatever

even the new outlast game has a social hub with arm wrestling minigames


Hopefully they have more to show in the official release.
In the current iteration the social interactions are extremely limited, I can’t agree more.

At least there could be some way to recruit people other than a bland menu checking who’s in the hub, offering for specific mission types or difficulties. Something. (penances?)

The Division 2 had at least local interactions with clan members, things to collect and find, shared areas with emotes.
But people throwing goofy emotes is probably not what 40K is going for (TD2 and Destiny 2 can have fun local interactions like these - even emotes that require two or more players).
I’m also not sure how mini-games would fit in the theme.

We are running between buttons, indeed.
And the loading times to join an instance are cumulating. Ineluctably.

Yeah, it’s very underwhelming.