Darktide feels a bit anti-social, especially chat interface

I can’t help but feel, that Darktide is lacking means to utilize chat and be a bit more social.

The social hub, the morning star, yes we have other players, but these are not the once you will be linked up with in match making.

The varies loading screens, mission intro cutscene, outro cutscene where we have no means to ‘chat’ with one another and then the conclusion of the match, the end score. Players can leave faster then that I can open up chat, type ‘gg’ and hit enter.

And their is the merge strike team, what the point of the system if player can leave well before you can see who remains.

In vermintide, we returned to the keep, sure players could drop and leave, but many stuck around for another match and typically this resulted in some social interaction, may it be by text or players pressing the push to talk button.

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Mourningstar chat should be global imo

I’d just end up turning it off. With that many people chatting it’d just turn into Twitch chat and scroll endlessly all day. Plus, it’d just drive the toxicity up.

I’m gonna make the argument that Tide games have never been all that social to begin with. Most people are there to smash faces, not talk and hang out. The party, especially pre-mades, always came before randos in terms of who you interact more with.

Darktide moving to having player hubs is kind of new for the playerbase. And I think that’s why hub chat tends to be silent, because it still feels like being in the keep with between 1 to 3 strangers.

The fact you don’t block while chat is open sure doesn’t help.


Having the team automatically split up at the end is kind of a bummer. It makes it take longer to get the next mission going and kills off a lot of the opportunities people have to make social connections.

Also, the hub is almost always nearly empty! 5 or 6 people at most, silently standing at vendors. I was expecting 20-30 people.

Have no problem with it as it is - of course it looks very rough.
We now have a social menu tho’