Anti-Social Game

Darktide right now is not social friendly at all, due to limited interaction you can do with others , after mission and mourningstar based.

  1. In game Friend list.
    I do like the idea for in game friend list to solve the issue once we have cross play, but right now adding a friend on steam and playing from steam, would add him in game only, with no other option to add him on steam, i cant just keep running the game check if friends online if not, i close the game, i cant even ask him lets play darktide if he is offline.

Add an option once you added a person ingame, you can add him on steam. (Similar to Destiny 2)

  1. Limited MourningStar socializing.
    The only thing you can do is invite, and nearly 99% outcome is decline or maybe block & decline, cant whisper to ask them to join us, and tell them which difficulty we are going to play so they would join us.

allow to whisper and interaction with players.

  1. Lack of Server Browser.
    There are 10K players in game, yet i cant find a match at Diff 3-5.

Allow for a Server List Browser

  1. Before Mission & After Mission Party
    Right now , quick matching → game not found → 60seconds and mission start, you cant just sit there while wait for other players to join you on the mission, the mission just starts.
    While also after mission ends, the party is disbanded (i think it will get fixed in the future).

Allow for much higher or unlimited time ,before mission starting, and after mission always allow merge strike team, if someone wants to leave , they would just leave.