Massive FPS drops

I’ve monitored the max CPU and GPU temp while I was playing
GPU: 67 °
CPU :75 °

So it’s not the overheating.
The game was stuttering so hard that I died twice and broke the legs of my keyboard when I smashed it on the desk… I’m frustrated…

Not sure if this would help. What steps have you tried so far for fixing the issue? Does the issue occur in other games too? With a bit more information, perhaps a solution may become apparent or someone else might have a suggestion? No offence meant, just trying to be helpful.

I did not have a bottleneck on my PC. The GPU just randomly locks up, goes to zero percent usage and causes screen freezes. It only happens with this game and it has happened to many different people, only to be fixed with a future patch. You can fix the freezes by switching to DX11. You’ll still get really bad FPS tho.

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My bad, I wrote bottleneck but I meant GPU lock.

It’s just Vermintide. If I go ahead and lower the settings I “resolve” the problem. But the whole thing started happening after the latest patch, so although the problem can be “fixed” by lowering the settings, this isn’t something that can really be resolved from our end. And none offence taken :slight_smile:

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I tried to lower the graphics setting drasticly, which helped a bit, but looked ugly.

Pointing out the overheating problem was a nice suggestion but definitely not the main source. I don’t believe we all experiencing this problem because of a suddenly dusty pc.

It all started witch patch 1.5. for me. I realized that graphic effects and exposure on several spots on the maps seemed to have doubled up in intensity. So fire, gas, for example now is much brighter and denser (!). Levels generally seem to be brighter than before the latest update! Could be a connection there?!

V2 is currently the only game were I have issues with sudden severe frame drops.

Specs: GeForce GTX 1070 TI
Intel i7-7700K
16gb ram ddr4

My brother has the same issues except with exposure and hordes on a slightly lower machine, but same graphxcard.


In retrospect, the thermal paste on my computer was probably bad for a while now, but it didn’t become apparent until 1.5 . So I’m led to believe that 1.5 increased the use of the cpu and/or the gpu. Beyond that, I really can’t say, it’s not really my area of expertise. Though I hope the issue gets fixed for everyone else still experiencing it.

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Thank you for your contributions @beardeddragon1225 and everybody else for your input, I’m pleased to hear that re-pasting solved your issues and it wasn’t something more sinister! Although I’ve been quiet recently I have been keeping an eye on this post every day.

I’m currently working on putting together a "how to improve your performance in Vermintide 2" article but it’s taking longer than I had originally hoped due to the sheer amount of headache-inducing variables involved!

That being said, it’s awfully hard from a support perspective to determine whether a player’s performance drops are caused by something local without having the PC in our hands, or as a result of something we’ve changed. Symptoms vary largely from person to person too. We’re very aware a number of people notice a degradation in performance after large patches, especially so with 1.5. I’m rambling on a bit and thinking out loud here which I appreciate isn’t much help to anybody but please know we’re listening and take your complaints seriously.


sorry I didn’t read the wall of words yet, so maybe you already talked about this, but still I’m posting this link to the reddit dx12 “solution” seems there’s some insight and a way to solve one of the problems. Not tried yet.

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I can assure you that just keeping to play will not improve it. I have the issue since 1.2 and the thing that changed this:

To be only mere fps drops during hordes on DX12 was nothing else than time. So it was most certainly FS’s patches.

To anybody interested this is the ancient main topic:


Yep… I’m still suffering from screen freezes on DX12 and really low FPS during hordes on DX11. Ruled out pretty much everything with one of the Game Engine Devs. Finally, during one patch, it just magically fixed itself. Only to come back the following patch lol. Had it again ever since.

I’ve also suffered FPS drops during intense hordes, but only ever when Sienna decides to involve herself with a staff as opposed to her Crowbill. Otherwise, the FPS drops I’ve suffered are losing ~1-3 seconds of frames over the course of a 30 second horde.

Is everyone really noticing this big of a performance hit? In the case of the thermal-paste reapplication, I get it, but it sounds like the vast majority of our Legend players are suffering from it.

For me it’s currently like this:

  • DX11 massive fps drops down to ~25 mostly during hordes

  • DX12 minor fps drops down to ~40 mostly during hordes

I used to have screen freezes and even the speedups and slowdowns as described here but they magically vanished over time.

Very rare screen freezes do still occur.

Issue since 1.2, fps where usually stable between 50-60 fps before with higher settings.

I’m upgrading my PC soon TM with all new part’s except GPU. We will see if just more power fixes the issue.

Upgrading to newer CPUs requires a new motherboard and RAM as the tech changed.

On DX12, I get random freezes all game, every 10 seconds or so. And they last for around 0.5-2 seconds at the longest. During this time, my GPU locks up and usage drops to zero. If I’m hosting, all the clients actually see the mobs freeze on their screen, like when you D/C

On DX11, with nearly all settings turned off or on the lowest. I get well over 100 FPS, as soon as a horde appears, I drop to 22 FPS. I can have a patrol, boss, specials etc all attacking and be fine, soon as a horde appears, 22 FPS.

My wife had the same issues, hers is working fine again. She has a much older PC with worse hardware and is running the game on medium high and getting better FPS that me. She has an old i5, 8gb of ram and a 770 I think. I have a i7, 32GB ram, 1060

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Well, that’s just heckin’ weird! I haven’t really stress-tested anything, but I think I’ll spend a part of my weekend to follow Julia’s and BeardedDragon’s guides to see if there’s a benefit in them for me and if I can glean some theories from my time.

Perhaps it has to do with maker/drivers of the card?

This is just… odd.

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If you read that thread I started back in September, we link to other threads going back to April. People having the exact same issues. It’s not super wide spread, but it’s definitely happening. And it always seems to happen after a patch. So it’s something that gets triggered by FS that effects certain hardware. At least that’s my theory… I’ve even tried reinstalling the operating system and had no luck. Just have to wait for and FS patch and it gets fixed, comes back again the next patch after that.


did you guys read all the thread and links?
this part?

Its also windows 10 shitty standby memory. Basically it uses ram like page file memory and over time it fills up causing the stutters. For some reason it only does it in dx12 games. Theres an easy fix somewhere, ill find it and edit my post to include it.

Here it is,

I don’t have time right now to play so, even less to debug fs mess, so I apologize to only provide links without actually having tested them.

Yes I actually replied about this first before I spotted that the actual thing suggested was just keep playing.

The memory thing is interesting but his list of basically everything possible does not suggest that he nailed it and hugely discredits it for me. I will try it out should I still suffer problems after my rig upgrade but the fact that this game uses a unique engine makes it unlikely to share this problem with battlefield 1.


Yea, basically this. I tried a few of his suggestions and they did nothing. That was also what the Game engine Dev suggested I do. Just keep playing and the stuttering will go away. It didn’t happen.

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I have better performance with DX12 than DX11 strangely. But difference isn’t that big.
It froze only 2 times briefly. Never had this again.

Massive drops occur: (1 is worst and so on)

  1. I engage a horde (huge drop, but only when I ENGAGE the horde. When I do nothing I have almost no frame drops)
  2. graphical effects like gas, fire, explosions (this combined with a horde while playing sienna is the absolute worst)
  3. spells (green effects) from Boogaloo Hailscrotch, Bödvarr, Blightstormer, etc…
  4. potion
  5. ult

Like I said before: some illumination effects doubled or tripled up. Here are 2 screens:

This is in the Tower of Magnus. Extremely over-illuminated.

The fire intensity is way too bright. Always. It literally looks like he’s shooting the double amount of fire out of his weapon.

A horde comes equipped with a lot of torches (!). It could be that they’re brighter as well.
Maybe there’s a connection to the drops?!

There is as these effects take a toll on the cpu and depending on your settings can really eat your fps. I recommend medium as below it you won’t be able to see fire on the ground.

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