Massive Abuse of a Mod, official realm

Basically people are using this mod,

Here’s someone who joined my game earlier on Kruber with bardins 2 handed axe.


I’m Really hoping they don’t fix this too fast so that I can try it tonight

Just imagine saltzpyre with a fireball staff


@FatsharkJulia @Fatshark_Hedge I’ll tag you guys in case you don’t see this xD

I am very sure that now is a very good time for the devs to go on vacation for a month again!


At the same time that this is a clear exploit that probably opens the door to some silly, OP builds… I kinda hope that FS bring this in as a mutator or something. Silly is good, once in a while!


Slayer bardin with a glaive is indeed OP, kek. Joined a game as WS and imagine my surprise when there was 2 other WS’s in the party :ok_hand: Also, shade with dual axes is just amazing, they’re so big.

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Trololo, few days ago in beta while playing zealot, I saw a guy with huntsman portrait and talents (those I saw with players list plus mod), who had rapier and brace of pistols and looked like bounty hunter. I didn’t realize that I was zealot immediately and thought it was just the UI bugging, but they I realized that I had brace of pistols as well… He could use huntsman ult to recover all ammo with scrounger so basically he went through the entire map shooting non stop.

In this same match there was also a waystalker with hagsbane, who was also shooting non stop, but her ammo didn’t decrease so it must have been some different exploit or cheat that she was using.

Anyways, these guys were really bad and got downed like 5 times each through the map, so I just assumed they were simple cheaters, but I checked their steam profiles and they had good amount of hours put into the game, like 300-400h. The loadout manager should be suspended from the official realm until it’s fixed, but I wonder where infinite ammo comes from.

I was gonna do it for the lulz of shade with a 2h hammer, but doesn’t work on mine. Darn loadouts load too fast :frowning:

Try making 3 loadouts, with ALL DIFFERENT gear and cosmetics, load them one after another, then switch character with I then H on keyboard

slayer with flamestaff that can be fun lel

heat weapons tend to cause crashes with other characters. I like huntsman with brace of pistols.

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So is anyone able to do this glitch still? And what are people’s thoughts on it? Is it unfair? Does it ruin other players’ fun? I’ve run into people that just leave games when they notice, others are interested in it and one guy told me I was ruining his game - nah man, I’m giving you free loot. It’s a co-op game, balance isn’t paramount, but it’s nice and being super powerful is fun.

just like u say imagine huntsman with BoP… zealot 2 axe one is alredy OP imagine 2

From what people have told me, as long as they don’t change character equipment, it still works. I saw huntsman with BoP the other day xD

Huntsman ult is not working with BoP. (Ult is not making ammo ulimited.)

Ranged weapons in melee slot have ulimited ammo reserves (not working with BoP).

Possibly me, the mod still loads on official for me, but the weapons reset to default 5 power when I start the game and just have to load the gear using the mod.

I think this is my new favorite thing.


That link doesn’t work, says we need permission.

Ah, try again. Not too savvy with forums.

God damn lol. And that’s why this mod needed to be removed…

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