BH auto-reload

While using Salavged Ammunition Talent, if ammo is empty and BH kills an elite with his melee, his ranged weapon not only gets 20% ammo BUT ALSO starts to reload his ranged weapon, while holding his melee.

From what I’ve read that’s because the talent still counts kills towards reloaded shots even when you’re out of ammo, so when you kill an elite you however many bullets in your mag based on how many enemies you killed in melee while out of ammo.

It’s a bit unintuitive, but I think it’s fine how it is since the only playstyles that ever leave you dry are generally higher risk and not particularly rewarding.


It’s been acknowledged it seems, but hopefully it doesn’t get ‘fixed’. It’s perfectly fine.


The way it works is a bit different. The ranged weapon that just got ammo from melee elite kill starts to reload in Victor’s coat. You can check it by using mods that shows you ranged ammo while holding melee, and choosing BoP or GF as a ranged weapon. Once it gets ammo from melee kill it will start to feel up it’s magazine, 2 bullets per about a second, just like how you reload BoP. And it will continue doing so until it’s fully loaded, even if you’ve killed nothing but a single elite with the melee.

I always thought that my magazine was full because I scored enough kills for the ranged weapon on this particular occasion, but obviously it was due to this bug.

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I believe devs need to be informed about bugs, both good and bad ones. Whether they are going to fix it or leave it as a feature, is up to them.

I believe the feature itself is fine as it is, but it at least needs to have extra tooltips for clarification; ‘If you gain 20% of ammo this way, your ranged weapon will be loaded automatically.’

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That’s how it’s always worked?


I was mistaken

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