Use any weapon and skin on any character (in official realm)

Issue Summary:
If you use the Mod Loadout Manager, you can equip every weapon on every charater in the official realm

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Save two loadouts, with different weapons and skins with the Loadout Manager
  2. load the first loadout and then the other loadout (important is the loading time of the loadout)
    3.switch to another character while loading the equipment
  3. after a few second (when the loadoutmanager is finished loading) the equippment will appear on the character

I think the loadout manager does not recognize the character switch and so it will load the equippment on the wrong character

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:


This would be good to post on the page for this mod on the Steam workshop, not likely that the mod creator will see it here.

yes, you are right but it is not my job to do this. I found the bug and showed the devs the problem. Everything else is their job :wink:

I can give them more informations about it but thats it.

Uhhh except the “devs” you are posting to here are the Fatshark official devs, and they don’t make or fix mods?

I know but they are here for mod approval. And it is their responsebility to inform the modder that his mod let you use bugs.

I gave them information about a bug in the official realm , what they do with this information is not my problem

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I informed the modder too and there is no reaction from fatshark or the modder…pretty amazing after 3 days

My apologies I didn’t understand this was in the official realm, this is definitely a good place to post it then. Carry on!

No problem, maybe i said it not clear enough.

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Does not work. The loadout changes so fast there is no time to change character.

Hero selection is not accessible during the wait time for loadout to appear.

Even with CPU stressing with CPU-Z in the background and setting to ultra graphics with no frame rate cap the game does not allow access to the character selection screen while waiting on the loadout to appear.

it does work for me when i use cosmetics especially hats

How are you getting to the character screen when waiting for loadouts?

I mash the ESC key and the game just won’t let me out of the inventory menu until all the loading is done.

i hit I and and then H

Yeah, I can confirm it is a thing in the official realm; saw a Kruber wearing the Witch Hunter’s tall hat.

Thank you for making this abomination possible



Can we get a answer from the devs about this?

Nothing to see here. Move along…

All in official realm on today’s patch.

thanks for the awesome pictures!

i hope we get a statement now

Thanks for explaining how to make it happen above. It has provided some great amusement for us the last few days. One of the vermintide purists in our group was dropping the word “heresy” quite excessively.

Brace of pistols on huntsman is a thing of beauty :rofl:

only the best for the community :wink:

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