Martydom, zealot

Is it worth it on the highest difficultly?

yes i see many doing well with their 7 wounds

personally, i’m going full hp, i really don’t feel like 3 more stacks of martyrdom changes my world as +120 ish hp does

i still run martyrdom though, with the 4 wounds

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I would say from what I’ve seen yes but it highly depends on weapon choice and build.

For the axe icon build I run which doesn’t focus on maximizing it Martyr comes in as a nice bonus since you are bound to lose hp and with icon you can manage some amazing clutches.

Can’t comment on people running 7 wounds, never bothered with trying that due to curios being a pain to build

Sounds cool. So, thats all hp curios then ? What weapons do you like to use?

Chain sword, i reckon is the strongerst, Eviscerator second, i love thunder hammer, but i don’t feel like recommanding it to someone who is new to the class

many are into knifes builds and heavy swords, but they are not my things

ranged weapon can be anything, i bring bolter to pack some potential punch to escape any situation, but flamer also do the job

oh i heard crusher is really good after its buffs, but i never tried it so i can’t fully recommand it

Crusher is pretty good. Dreg Ragers and Crushers can be slow to kill, but it offers a lot of safety while remaining aggressive. The push attack also hits hard on headshots. I haven’t tried it with Martyrdom, but I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be a good pairing.

Yes! Bring a devil’s claw and a trusty Boltgun for carapace busting.

With 6 stacks of Martyrdom, you become a whirlwind of death.

Pair it with as much attack speed bonus as you can get, and become a blender!

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idk depends on the weapon.
usualy crit or zoomi boi is better imo.

On paper it offers the most dmg, but the cons outweigh the pros for me. First you need to purposedly lose hp, making it the squishiest keystone when used proper, second, it does offer no benefits to your ranged weapon. I’ll happily do ~20% less melee dmg while running around with 300 HP and 150+ toughness instead.

Overall, quickness is the best, it works with everything and gives you superior mobility, making you all that much harder to lock down. Did you know, it gives dodge distance, speed and reduced delay on top of the listed buffs?

Blazing piety has amazing synergy with weapons that heavily benefit from crits. Heavy sword, tac axes, revolver and laspistol are on the top of my list, whereas infantry autoguns have high crit dmg as well, but am still not a fan of em.

It increases fire rate brother. You can shoot faster with the attack speed node and you should always run it because sitting at 24% attack speed on top of everything else zealot gets for attack speed is actually nutty. Keep in mind that attack speed is, in practical terms, a damage buff as all damage is measured on time to delivery.

Is it now, their wording is all over the place.

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Use the “get a random curio”.

That sounds like a lot of fun

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It does not, jsut tested

perhaps I was mislead then. I swore it was attack speed for all weapons including ranged. I know inexorable effects attack speed since i tested it personally. Hmmmmmmmm

It is confusing since charge says attack speed while applying to both, whereas momentum spells out both fire rate and attack speed speed specifically.

But martyrdom is a melee exclusive keystone.

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I did not. Do you happen to have any numbers?

I just started doing martyrdom with 7 wounds. Getting 7 wounds is super easy to get and I would recommend 7 since the keystone “40% reduced damage on next wound” or whatever directly synergies with that. 7 wounds means every 14% hp is automatically 40% reduced damage. It basically makes you immune to huge hits.

It doesnt apply more than once, though, right? So, like, you can still get one shot by a crusher?

Up to 10% speed and distance, and a 20% reduction in cooldown.

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