Martyrdom Zealot

Anyone playing Martyrdom in Damnation and Auric?
I just did the realted new penance and now i have all penances done with my Zealot, redacted and new ones.
Wasn’t to bad and better than i thought it is.
7 Wounds seems to be impossible on Heresy and Damnation, because you have one wound less.
2 basic, 2 from Skilltree and max. 3 from Curios is 7 total, so you can have max 6 Stacks.
I actually use a build with 17% Toughness curio and 2 wounds to get at least 5 Stacks.

trying to crit, get ability cooldown, get lots of toughness dmg reduction and +dmg from martyrdom.

i also play other builds with Immolation Grenade + Chorus and Blazing Piety and i’m just trying with all of it.

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I think I roll Martyrdom for my flamer + ironhelm build. Generally I need to trust that my team is going to respond to shooters, gunners, and snipers so if it’s a bad team comp it can feel pretty bad, but that’s either my fault for failing to read the room and switch builds or the risk you run from joining in progress sessions.

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use it with Evis and Bolter atm, love the combo and beeing a Martyr tbh :smiley:

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I have a hard time playing anything besides crit zealot tbh….that node that gives you 1.5 seconds off your ability is just nuts. My evis with shred will get my cooldown reset every 10 seconds it seems in tons of situations.

My devil sword is even faster

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look the build up, i use that + Martyrs Purpose wheras 1% of damage reduce Ability CD extra.
Without Piety it’s maybe not that fast, i also used it, but it’s quite nice build imho.

every keystone of the zealot are great.
Martyrdom is surely the most powerful and also the harder to use.

In fact, you get only 5 bonus (in damnation) as to get the last one you need to be… dead

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Yew I saw that! I have a martyr build and also included that but from my understanding, it only works on hp dmg and people on the forums who know way more than me about mechanics said it was underwhelming during testing. Your experience different?

Edit: it’s definitely a cool build though. I just think that crit ability reduction node has to be one of the most powerful nodes in the game. I’m getting 80-85% chance to crit on my evis with wrath blessing and basically infinite cleave it feels like. It’s just insane how fast ilyour ability comes off cd….i almost want to say OP🤪

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what i get is a lot of survivability with like 2 HP left, because of the high Toughness damage reduction.

I use this one and try to get a better, have no blessings T4 or anything.
Up to Damnation Hi it’s all fine.

I dont do much damage, idk why, maybe its my playstyle idk tbh.
I had a game that was very rushy for me, i said it will fail, because people run into big groups like crazy and get downed.
The fun thing about this bad result scorboard wise for me is in the end everyone got down, i tried to rezz but Maulers everywhere and so i was the last one standing and made it to the elevator.
Mission accomplished i’d say :smiley:

Like over all or on a per enemy basis?

So keep in mind, my eviscerator is used with a blazing piety build.
There’s some fairly obvious RNG compromise with the locked items, but the reason I roll the infested damage is to maximize horde clearing with light attacks, and I find bloodletter is useful for applying more total damage, helping finish off enemies, and plays off of Scourge.

Some honorable mentions Sustained Assault and Faithful Frenzy are nice to pick up.

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Yeah I’d actually never done martyrdom before, even before class overhaul. Besides, stacking wounds just annoys me on principle since they offer next to nothing to experienced players. But my god… after doing my first proper martyrdom build I have trouble playing as anything else on my zelly anymore.

I used to want to go for the right keystone for the speed buff, but variable speeds and not being able to rely on it to restack high enough mid fight got really annoying fast. Martyrdom is just that node but on heavy steroids.

I do 2 wounds and 1 toughness on curios and go down to the last segment, so that’s 5 wounds for a constant +40% dmg, +20% attack speed and +25% toughness dmg resist. With the other talents on top is just absolutely insane. It transforms any basic Axe / Evi etc. build into something ridiculously strong, and I think last week I did the same on my Crucis THammer and that’s just completely bonkers too! The buffs make it so fast and strong that it just easily cleaves through anything up to most elites with regular heavies, esp with FoF, and those specials come out real fast too.

Just yesterday I tried to play some of my old non-martyrdom builds and I honestly think I’m done doing anything else beyond pure crit builds.

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yeah its maybe the same what i do and think about it.
never bothered before, but wanted the cosmetics from the penance.
first time i really like the look of my zealot and be a Martyr of Thor maybe
I have to say i really like the weapon skins from the shop to compliment and complete the outfit.

Martyrdom is a crack stronger than any other, came back with patch 13 and all my initial builds were piety or inexorable judgement because I had never cared to use wound curios. I don’t even think I played above heresy when had last played. But on a whim with a lucky 378 armory exchange mkII eviscerator and a seemingly janky crit cooldown martyrdom hybrid queued into damnation and haven’t looked back.

Its probably the strongest of the keystones (closely chased by piety), but certainly has a higher skill floor and a lot of build requirements to work, but boy does it work. MkII with shred and sweep absolutely violates anything shy of ogryns.

This is my crit marty build for the eviscerator 15.

I’m not a fan of the bleed for the emperor talent unless you also have restoring faith for extra healing. Restoring faith can often bring you over a wound threshold which will let you get additional DR from BftE.

Martyr’s purpose is also a pretty weak CDR talent with minimal benefit for a martyrdom build.

And I don’t understand why you would use two points to grab two 5% toughness DR nodes when you could easily use those same points to take 15 toughness and also get enduring faith for 50% toughness DR.

explain to me, but i feel 10% TDR is much better than 30 Tougness added.
But if you can explain why it’s vice versa you are welcome.
Enduring faith for me doesnt work, never seen i get 50% Toughness back on a kill shrug, but will try again.

Enduring faith doesn’t give you any toughness. It gives you 50% toughness damage reduction for 4 seconds after you crit with any attack. You’re paying the same points for 10% toughness DR as you could be paying for 50% toughness DR and an extra 15 toughness to boot.


sure, i’ll try it, but the 50% is only when i crit and for 4s and the 10% is allways.
I’ll try that, the blades i liked for some time to use, they may good to use.
Had to use stun grenade for the penance and got somehow stucked to them as i use them to revive mates when downed. Played a lot of Support before with Chorus also, maybe need to think more like a killing machine than a helping hand :smiley:

It’s procs on all attacks so it has pretty damn high uptime if you have both shred & scourge plus something like a scattershot shotgun or a laspistol.

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Bolter and will stick to it, but i get what you say and be thankfull.

I made it like yours to test with slight adaptions.
Disdain for Second Wind
+5% Melee Damage for Dance of Death (using the Bolter mostly auto vs. Ogryns only, so i dont care about spread and
Sustained Assault for They Wrath by Swift

i still looking forRampage for Evis and Bolter also not perfect.

Another thing you can do with martyrdom that works very well is just dropping invocation of death. Slap some cooldown reduction on your curios instead and put the points elsewhere.

This sort of build would also work very well for the mk 2 eviscerator since it can really make good use of vicious offering.

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i just see i meant Blood Redemption above not Enduring Faith. Not sure Blood Redemption works like i understand it.

although i’m used to the MKII pattern i devided some days ago to go with the MKXV for various reasons. MKII is great, but i like the controll with lights and overheads of the MKXV.

Imho the Blades of Faith dont do enough damage on Damnation, not sure i want to use them, rebuild with Stun grenade again but kept enduring Faith.
No Blood Redemption, no Blood for the Emperor, but vicious offering even with MKXV. Need to do heavies more often to make it work but with all the muties and maulers etc. its still good for the MKXV i guess.