Martyrdom "Change"

So they gave up? That is what I am seeing with this change. Instead of giving a way to get 9 stacks on harder difficulties they just gave up and made it cap at what you could get it to anyway except you can’t cap it because 7 is max (2 base, +2 talent, +3 curios unless I am missing something) wounds on damnation so at 7 wounds lost you are dead so the real cap is 6.

I could have easily fixed it:

Martyrdom now gives 10% per stack capping at 7 stacks. You gain a stack when your current wound is not at max HP% for that wound +1 stack for each fully depleted wound. That is 70% which is LOWER than the theoretical 72% from 9 stacks of 8% (assuming they are additive stacks since multiplicative would actually give much higher).

EZ clap.

But no, instead they gave up and we are stuck with literally just old martyrdom (6 stacks of +8% since that 7th stack is not obtainable above malice).

What a joke.

The rest of the patch was okay. Not sure about the Vet changes. On paper they look terrible but I have not played around with building a new class out of it yet so withholding judgement.

I mean they could have also based it on Hp capping at 30% hp left. It’s still an incentive to take more wounds as you can get to lower up amounts while still being safe but it would also open the skill up more and be less painful for everyone else.

Infact i don’t know why they didn’t do that since you literally have 7 increments right there.

Oh for sure. I tried it before and even on malice where you could actually get 7 stacks it doesn’t feel more powerful than running any of my other less risky builds.

I mean momentum does what it does but better and fury does as well via increased crit. Martyrdom is just not good. Before the talent tree it was just a passive all zealots had (and was based on HP not wounds) so if you messed up you would get some extra damage to help you get to healing.

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Martydom is fine as it is and very powerfuk in the right situations. It didn’t need any buffs. This is just to because I don’t think yoj could actually reach the theoretical highest stack level on any difficulty.

The worst part is that some skill combos like VOC, Icon, Shield, and Ogryn’s taunt could make it more viable but as it stands there are only a handful of times where it doesn’t feel like a hindrance to your team.

THAT IS MY POINT. They gave up. They said we could get 9 stacks but that was only possible on the LOWEST difficulty.

They gave up. And no, it is not worth running around on 14% HP the entire game, not when you consider in order to get those stacks you need +3 wounds which means forgoing HP, Toughness, and Stamina curios which are all far better options than 3 wounds. I take 1 wound on all my builds but 3 is just gimping your survivability on something that is going to be low HP already.

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If its not for you its fine. However again I don’t see the problem with this at all.

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I mean I can make it work on knife since I don’t really get hit with all that dodging but other weapons are just nerve-wracking to play at 14%. The benefit (48% damage, which never actually feels like 48%, feels more like 20%) is not worth the risk. High risk middling reward.

Then you are blind.

Can you explain other than saying I’m blind? Many weapons feel amazing with only a couple of stacks, and you don’t have to play with at 20 health to get all the benefits out of it. Its great even at half health or even as just a “I get buffed in bad situations.”

If it gets buffed anymore no one will run Inexorable Judgement. It’s fine as it is.

By taking it over other options and NOT being at max stacks you could get more damage out of either of the other two, more consistently.

The blind comment was not about your build selection but rather your willful ignorance of just how “I gave up” this change to the ability is. I could not have made that more clear in my original post.

It used to say you could get 9, but you could not on higher difficulties where your wounds cannot be 10, therefore you cannot get 9 stacks. You STILL cannot get max stacks on Heresy and Damnation where you are capped at 7 max possible wounds (you only get a stack on wound loss, so 6 is the max).

So not only did they give up on giving players the ability to get 9 stacks, they also still are not letting players get max stacks on hardest difficulty.

The change I suggested or the even more simple change of making it a percent of HP lost instead of wound loss would allow max stacks with very little effort on their part. I have even suggested as much to them before when they released the prelim patch 14 changes.

It is fine if you want to run the ability, that is no concern of mine, what is concerning is instead of fixing the ability (like they did with all the others they actually fixed this patch) they gave up and just reduced the number of stacks without buffing the bonus each stack gives to compensate.

I assume this is where they want the ability to be and felt it didn’t need a buff. I assume the 9 stacks thing was just internal testing that got left in the base game. I’m saying it didn’t need to be “fixed” at all besides fixing the description.

That is a horrible assumption given they gave reasons for other nerfs they made this patch. The only reason they gave for this change was “you couldn’t get 9 anyway so we lowed the max stacks to a still unreachable 7, get f-ed” I am reading between the lines here.

It is clear based on them buffing vet’s shout to 100 then immediately reducing it back to 50 they don’t actually know where they want things to be until after players get their hands on it (since they obviously are still using us as beta testers). We have never been able to test 9 stacks on Damnation so they can’t possibly have data on how it performs there at that stack count to know if that is unacceptable.

Do not, I repeat, do not give them any leeway. Not sure if you are newer or not but people that have been around since beta test like myself know exactly how fatshark operates when it comes to these things. If players don’t complain, they will not change things. Do not be the sort of player that is okay with mediocrity and will just accept whatever bone the master tosses you. It is okay to say “hey that doesn’t seem right” because this is fatshark, they legitimately don’t seem to test anything before they hand it to us. I would rather them let me get 9 stacks then have them reduce the buff per stack to 5% (which is what I thought they would do) than see them make cop-out changes like this one.

Do not let them get away with laziness.

I mean I get this, my whole thing here is that there doesn’t seem to be a real problem as far as the gameplay experience is confirmed which is the only thing I really care about. Martydom fundamentally has not changed at all. And I believe you can reach max stacks on t3 and lower missions where you get an extra wound.

I’ve also been here since the closed beta, and I’m just kind of struggling to wrap my head around what the issue is here.

This is the exact problem.

It has not changed. This “change” did literally nothing but nerf the ability on low difficulties where it doesn’t even matter. The ability is another broken promise. The promise of +72% damage and 36% attack speed. These were never possible and now they definitely are not.

At this point I am blocking you because you have to be a troll. Good day.

Im not a troll I just am having trouble understanding your position.

At least they didn’t nerf it.

I feel everything I love in this game eventually gets nerfed.

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