Martydom, zealot

I reject this.

I do not purposefully lose Health. It happens gradually along the mission. There is no need to rush it.

In fact I use the Talent that reduces damage by 40% when an attack makes you lose a wound. With 7 Wounds, that adds up significantly.

And there’s Holy Revenant. It gives you a few seconds of invulnerability while you’re at the peak of your power. Then it leaves you with 4 stacks of Martyrdom and some Health to spare.

And even if you go down, you’ll be rescued with 85% of your Health restored (assuming no corruption).

Squishy? Absolutely not.

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Not utilizing its fullest potential makes it even worse in comparison the other two :slight_smile:

Honestly I do want to try a dedicated build since the math added up and I had a lot of fun with the VT2 zealot build.

I’ll probably try to throw some Malk bucks at rolling random + wound curios.

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But you always have it when you need it most.

It’s kinda ok, just take some easy to wield weapon so you can leach HP with Holy Revenant proc, cause with 7 wounds you are quite squishy, especially for things like fire. Maybe it’s more efficient to run with less wounds, dunno.

Claw sword works noticeably better with crit build IMO (high finesse multipliers). You can just spam heavies on the Mk I with crit build and it is shockingly effective against everything.

Mostly because rampage is bugged and gives 3*36% power instead 36%, once it’s fixed, claw will just be a worse heavy sword.

This seems to work well for me.

I think that’s kind of a weird take when heavy sword also runs rampage generally.

Claw sword has higher finesse scaling (I’m pretty sure), Shred to push its crit rate for CDR and TDR consistency noticeably higher, and of course the parry which is honestly a much more useful special than heavy sword’s.

I think once rampage is fixed claw sword might indeed need a look to see if it needs another bump up (true for basically all weapons that run rampage currently eg Evic) but I still think it offers enough unique strengths to be run regardless.

I don’t, but you are right, it already is a worse heavy sword :smiley:

How do you find Hammerblow to perform? It’s been a while since I tested, but I feel like my experience was that weaker enemies were readily staggered anyway, and tougher enemies were still relatively slow to stagger. I wanted to try Skullcrusher, but without the reliable stagger, it felt like it was going to waste.

When you get enough attack speed, you can stagger most of them continuously while shredding them to death.

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The “against staggered enemies” bonuses are somewhat questionable due to their delayed application. At least extra damage grants, well, extra damage.
The impact is nice on a Crusher. You may not be able to one-hit it like with a well rolled hammer, but you can interrupt his overhead and yeet him against the nearest wall. That’s gotta count for something.
That said, Martyrdom does indeed not strike me as the keystone for crit weapons when there’s a perfectly servicable crit keystone nearby.

Oh ye, Hammerblow on the Crusher lets you really go to town on staggering guys, since it enables easy knockdown (so the debuff is effective for longer).

I was just concerned with how much stagger can be applied with the blessing on Devil’s Claw - the bonus damage is only effective while the enemy is in the staggered state, so can it create windows of opportunity long enough in a reasonable timeframe to make the damage bonus worthwhile.

Simple answer: yes

I would say that the template I think is the more efficient is the one that allow me to less use martyrdom cause I tend to resist a lot. I would advice to go full wounds for curios.
I just hope that you’re good at melee (few HP - if you don’t dodge parry, you’ll get on floor fast).

It’s kinda like Zealot in VT2.

It requires you to be good at not taking damage and be good at melee. That includes positioning, CC through dodge dancing around largers groups, special melee sniping etc.

in 9 out of 10 cases Martyrdom payers are absolute trash, because they simply think that “LOW HEALTH MAKE DAMAGE NUMBAH GO UP AND ME RESISTANT” is all there is to it.
These are the people that keep dieing, because they can’t stay alive long enough to make use of it.

If you’re averaging at something like 100-300 damage taking in auric damnation games you’ve got the aptitude to use it effectively.

Oh and if I catch you intentionally taking damage to be “100% effective right away” I will shoot a barrel to yeet you off a cliff or down you.

signed, crusher martyrdom enjoyer.


I have disagreed with you in the past on things, but I fully support you in this endeavour o7

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How does the Psyker line go?
“While it would be impolite to agree, I fear I concur.”

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