Leaked cosmetics proving yet again, that there's alwasy content ready for the Cash shop

I wonder how much of this can be earned through actual gameplay.
Did we just pay 40 bucks to have access to the cash shop Fatshark?

I’m sure this’ll fund more ‘content development’ like new missions that aren’t the same map traversed backwards or fixes for horrible RNG mechanics, multilayer gacha crafting systems and other problems plagueing the game.


It’s very likely these cosmetics have been done for a year or more. It’s not as though they’re focusing on them at the exclusion of other systems.


ever thought about the different jobs at fatshark?

Maybe, just maybe a designer for visual stuff is not able to code out bugs or do anything code related?
Your skin is clipping? Yes - that could be adressed to the design team.
You got a crash? Maybe they can design a themed skin for your anger.

Dunno what kind of job you do, but in my job there is no other person in my team that can fullfill my job. So if they would get alot of bugs - i cant help, but i can go on make my designs

and I am very happy with the skins I can see. - Release em ^^ I am very likely to get some of em =)


They’ve definitely focused on them to the detriment of all of the free cosmetics.


Skins are cool. I like them. I see them only in loading screens and on the ship. But i like them. And as long as they keep the game running, i will get them if they look good to me.

You know what happens regularly after a game was released? I tell you what happens. The DEV staff gets reduced. It the same that happens everywhere. Ever wondered why the Comic or Anime series you watch take so long to bring out new chapters? It’ because all the people who work on them, switch to other projects, as soon as one is done. They switch or GET switched.
In the gaming industry that means that most of the devs and designers get kicked out as soon as the game is released. From there on the managers only keep a hand full of staff for fixes and maintenance.

I bet there are not more than 5 programmers and 1 or 2 designers left working on DT. And they all have already come to understand what the Phsyker’s brain burst does, with all the Bug reports they have to handle.

I’m not going to buy a single skin already decided.

Earned my full penance for sharpshooter So I’ll just wear that. It looks alright maybe ill get some googles someday Fatshark? You know like the picture over there>>

(Yes I finally did make every shot count but I STILL think it needs to be changed)


The only way they could get me would be a Tanith First and Only Uniform+Knife for the Vet. But as it seems they rather go for funny space pirate with a wig. So it’ll be alright.

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I was hoping for at least as many earnable cosmetics as VT2, but my gut tells me that’s a laugh.


So they have time to schedule a years worth of premium content but weapon camos are locked to one mk model and changing your gun colour also changes your whole gun sometimes? Also a lot of the weapon camos are just recolours, there are some intentional model changes, but not many.

Sure the team that does cosmetics cant work on stability issues, but they sure could have worked on other things instead of so many premium cosmetics.

Does anyone have more than 2 extra stances? Who cares about an ending screen pose? I thought they were for your idle animation at first and was really impressed, then really disappointed when they turned out to be victory poses.


I might have some Aquilas because I bought the Emperor’s Edition, but I’m not buying anything until I get a normal catalogue with all my options available simultaneously.


No inspection makes the cosmetics make no sense anyway. Especially with how the arms on those cosmetics (the only parts you see in game) clip horribly or are missing thumbs and the like. Tragic.


Several weapons have the same skin and they just slapped a different “MK” on them. They have different movesets, so it would be convenient to be able to clearly tell them apart at a glance in the store.
They definitely cut corners on the core content in favour of the paid cosmetics.


You can bet your a$$ none of these will be earnable through gameplay.
We can’t even get different colorations for all the penance cosmetics, only a few. What a joke of a company.
As long as there’s a crapton of unpolished and unfinished things and a perfectly functioning real money store I guess FatCentShark is satisfied.

Maybe I’ll give them my money once the game is finished, story fleshed out fully, crafting implemented, those 70+ weapons squeezed in… Till then, game can flop for all I care.


Y’all don’t get it. There’s already $200 worth of skins in the cash shop, that’s plenty enough! So those are some in game cosmetics that we can get by, you know, playing the game!!! They will be rewards for the players who bought the game, earnable as loot on higher difficulties, or through completing penances, or in exchange for a big pile of Ordo Dockets. Simply because they want their game to be fun and rewarding and that they’ve remembered that they work in the entertainment industry :slight_smile:


Obviously. Fatshark isn’t known for making fast content. Chances are. This is content they cut out. Which is even worse.


Cool skins, can’t wait until they come out!

Exactly this. I keep saying it, but no one seems to understand how game development works. Character artists and UI developers aren’t the same people coding gameplay systems, audio design, or things like that. People think that FS should hold back the shop because other gameplay systems (worked on by other people) still aren’t in place, which is just odd.

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I think most people would have preferred more free cosmetics to Fatshark having their premium cosmetic roster already filled out, which certainly would require the same staff.

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True, but who pays the artist that designs the new cosmetics?

A recolor could be done by anyone, but a new skin requires artists, programmers, riggers etc.

We already have with the launch price. There aren’t enough free cosmetics in the game and it literally just came out.

Fair enough if it was a few years old, but squeezing far more money than the average game for skins that can be clippy messes that can still disable hair is a bit ugly, especially when alternatives are bland.