Lagging out of games due to reliable receive buffer overflow

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    I’ve been having connectivity issues for a few weeks now. While playing a game, sometimes I lag out for about 5-10 seconds before being kicked back to Taal’s Horn Keep. These lag outs are unpredictable and happen sporadically and intermittently. I don’t ALWAYS get kicked back to the Keep if I lag - sometimes I simply lag for a few seconds and proceed with the game.

Attached is the most recent console log - I loaded into a game on War Camp and played for about 30 seconds before I lagged out, then I closed the game. This also inconsistently happens whether in modded or official realm. Sometimes I am able to play entire games without lagging out, other times it is like this example.

My internet is about 90 mbps up and down, and I’m hooked up via ethernet. My relevant network settings in Vermintide are currently 2 Mbit/s for max upload speed and Small Network Packets is set to “Yes.” I have tried verifying the integrity of Vermintide, running the game as administrator, messing with the network settings themselves, unplugging and replugging cables for internet, disabling mods, testing packet loss, pinging my router via cmd prompt, and nothing seems to work. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    NA, California

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    US Sacramento

console-2021-04-23-03.12.08-c856c0c9-eb70-438b-a3e6-19a8eb06dcca.log (793.7 KB)

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Can I confirm that you have the latest version of the Steam client installed?

Steam > Check for Steam Client Updates > “Your Steam client is already up-to-date.”

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