KNOWN ISSUE: 'Input' options (Mouse Sensitivity, etc.) Resetting at Random

We are aware of and looking in to an issue where the ‘Input’ options (Mouse Sensitivity, etc.) are resetting at random.

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Same problem here went from 1.5 to 1.0

For what it’s worth, this happened to me on my first load, during the prologue mission, right after the cutscene when you enter the hangar and the storm raven blasts its way through and enter the hangara.
Mouse sensitivity and invert mouse resetted to default right after the cutscene.

Didn’t happen during my 2nd operative’s prologue mission though

Also had this happen in the middle of a mission. One second it’s fine the next it’s back at default. I thought I had hit the DPI switcher on my mouse, but nope, it was reset in the game.

I also noticed at the same time that the sensitivity reset that my HUD scale setting also reset. I had set it to 90% and it had defaulted back to 100%.

Mine always resets to the default (I think it’s 1.2 or 1.5). I have it set to 0.2 since I have high DPI and mamma mia it’s “Grimgi’s having a fit!” all over again.

Played all evening yesterday with setting persisting through.

This morning they were resetted.


The aim acceleration is default on upon every re-launch even when the off option has been selected (needing to be toggled on then off again).

This happened to me about halfway through the prologue. Went from 2.0 back to 1.0.

I’ve been having problems with my Logitech hardware since yesterday with the 200mb update. It started with my mouse (G500s) going very slow of dpi every 30 seconds and then going back to normal. Recently, the mouse completely freezes every 30 seconds in the game. This is followed by the keyboard (G710+) and my headset (G533). Everything hangs for a few seconds and then continues. All drivers for each hardware + the Logitech software are up to date. Before the update I didn’t have these problems. In general, I’ve never had these problems before. I got these problems in the Main Menu, Hub and Missions. But only freezes no ctd.

Same thing happening to me. Settings will appear correct (e.g. inverted on, hold to crouch on, etc.) but will not actually be in effect. Need to toggle off then on again for it to take affect.

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controller inverted Y look settings not saving properly. I have to toggle off and on in order to activate the ‘on’ setting, even if my setting was already saved as ‘on.’


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Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

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Reproduction Rate:
100% (seems to happen a couple times every match, )

Happens to me all the time. Look sensitivity resets to default constantly, very frustrating.

Using Xbox controller. Interestingly, going back to settings doesn’t show a change (my set look sensitivity, 1.9, is still set). However, I’ll be partly through a match when my look sensitivity slows drastically, and I’ll go to settings to reconfirm the 1.9 value and sensitivity goes back to what I want until it resets again.

Theres a bug where the sensitivity will revert back to 1.0 at random. I haven’t been able to replicate the bug consistently!

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Yup had this happen once too, no idea how it happened either but i was standing on some boxes and got hit, and then my sensitivity was really fast all off a sudden, went into the options and it was back to 1.0 from 0.5


Every time I start the game I have to go back into settings to turn back on inverted Y even tough the UI is showing it ON. Might be the same for some other settings, need to be tested.

It seems to be all controller settings. I keep having to change my sensitivity and disabling acceleration

Same problem. Selecting off - then back to on - will resolve for the instance.

Reproduced every time I load the game again.

On PC. Steam. Xbox controller.

Yeah it’s pretty much everytime I get kicked or logged off I will re-launch into the game and I play inverted ( don’t hate ) so the inversion, toggle sprint, and toggle crouch all get reset on mine. But hey love the game so far really excited about full release!!!

PC. Steam. Xbox controller.

My Sprint and Crouch settings (toggling off hold to crouch/sprint) reset at random, often in the middle of missions. And require me out of the match to toggle them back and forward and a bunch of times in order to reset it back to my preferred setting properly.