Mouse Sensitivity?

Can’t possibly find a mouse sensitivity option in game, am I blind or it just isn’t there?

If it’s not there, this is a massive issue for a first person game.


Impossible to invert Y mouse to


Yeah, pretty big oversight. Had to lower my sens through my Logitech software, but that also lowers the sens while in menus, which is a bummer.

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  • Go to “C:\Users[USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Darktide”.
  • Open “user_settings.config”.
  • Add “mouse_look_sensitivity = [mouse sensitivity value]” to the settings file.
  • Set the file to “Read-only”. (In the file properties of “user_settings.config”.)

How is it possible that such a basic feature is missing?


This didn’t work for me. Unless there’s a specific section of the config you need to put this in that I’m not aware of, this doesn’t resolve the issue.

because its not required to validate or test the actual product. Prioritization. The beta is a test and product validation, not a complete product.

But controller sensitivity is required?

This is akin to saying you can test a car with a malfunctioning wheel.

This is a first person shooter, if I can’t aim, I can’t test it, period.


oh please, mouse sensitivity isn’t something that needs to be postponed/prioritized in favour of other things. It is a basic core game feature (We are talking about first person action game lol and movement - camera movement being a big part of it - that includes your mouse sensitivity, is a core part of Vermintide/Darktide games) and there is no excuse to not have it in beta stage of the game not even two months before release.

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Sure it is. Considering you can adjust your DPI outside of games, and most professional mice have per-game profiles, I don’t even use ingame settings only profiles. But I understand and defer to your expertise in game development. While I do not make games, I do make products for fortune 500’s and this stuff is the last stuff to care about, the thing where the solve is obvious and a function of typing at keyboards and can safely be ignored in favor of actually important systems.

Mouse sensitivity in game like Darktide is an important system, and as I said, a system that should already be in the game at this stage of development.

You don’t need any expertise in game development to know basic stuff.

I won’t mess around with my DPI that every other game I play is linked to. But we are not talking here about ways of fixing this issue, rather that it should not be missing in the first place.

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in the nicest way possible please never talk again, this is one of the worst takes i have ever seen online. changing dpi is never a solution for sensitivity in games.


At this point you are clearly trolling, have a good day.

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Definitely think that mouse sensitivity options are required for the game. It is adjustable outside of the game, sure, but that involves changing your sensitivity everywhere and will affect your sensitivity settings in every other game you’ve adjusted them in. Mouse sensitivity options are a must have requirement for full release.

It’s pretty surprising to me and makes me not even want to test the game. I understand that maybe they had to prioritize something else and yes you can adjust DPI but many mice/software don’t allow you to adjust with any kind of precision. The sensitivity is also bonkers high for me with acceleration. Literally nothing I can do to fix that.

I had another issue where when I would rebind the keybinds the functions would still stay on the old key and not change. After restarting the game the keybinds were reset but I was able to change the bindings and have them work correctly thankfully but I was about to just not even play the test of a game I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember.

In vermintide commands were

mouse_look_sensitivity = -6
mouse_look_invert_y = false

How this basic functionality isn’t in the beta is beyond me.
Its like launching a beta with a locked resolution, who would think that would be a good idea

Definitely an oversight that needs fixing. I usually like playing with a lower setting and this has been difficult not being able to adjust it besides outside of the game.


I could not fking aim in the beta. There is no excuse for this.

There definitely was an option for changing mouse sensitivity, but it was labeled as “look sensitivity” or something.

under controller settings? that should not affect the mouse