Imporvement/Feature/Bug: Mouse sensitivity fine tune

Since someone on Reddit told me to post it here. I am.

Look, I have my sens in any FPS I play to the pixel accurate. I play Kovaak and I want my sens precise.

I can live without in game menu for fine tuning the mouse sensitvity, but missing config file option to do it is an absolute no go.

If Fatshark or whatever is the name of the coders making this game don’t add such option to fine tune my mouse sensitivity (and not only that but for Hip Fire, ADS and 3rd person separately) the game is DoA to me.

I like my mouse sensitivity uniform across all games and I’m find fiddling with a config file to do it until I have my pixel perfect sens with my tools.

I don’t see why a game in 2022 won’t have a mouse tuning to at least 5 digits after the decimal point for the sens.

So yeah, please add mouse sens var at least in the config files. :crossed_fingers:

Yes, I double that we need more granular mouse sensitivity and an ADS sensitivity and maybe a sensitivity for 3rd Persion View in the mourningstar. Low sensi player here!

Thank you

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Agreed. It feels a bit too slow in the game for people like me with a trackball. 2.0 is certainly too slow. Seems like it’s been passed onto the devs though if other threads are anything to indicate. Here’s hoping the new patch will add it.

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Few patches later and nothing has changed. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yeah… It’s disappointing. Already stopped playing until they add it, because right now it’s just a chore to turn around.

Just keeping this post alive and hoping that whenever the next patch or hotfix is that Fatshark considers adding a wider range of mouse sensitivity options. A lot of us are still on the low end of it. :frowning:

Yeah, yeah. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: