Please increase the precision with which we can adjust mouse sensitivity

Please please let us tune the mouse sensitivity to at least two decimal points… ideally three. The difference in cm/360 between each 0.1 tick of change in the setting is way too wide. Right now you can’t even change sensitivity in the config like you could in VT2. If you want to “keep it clean and simple” in the in-game settings, fine but let us fine tune it in the config and allow the change to stick in game.

I play on very low mouse sensitivity in games (roughly 56.44 cm/360) , it lets me hit things with precision and my mousepad is big enough and my mouse light enough to allow me this play style. For reference, I play VT2 at -6 sensitivity, 400DPI, 100FOV (since the sensitivity in these games are FOV dependent).

Right now the closest I can get in Darktide at the max 85FOV is like 45 or 63 cm/360 (0.4 and 0.3 in the settings respectively while my mouse is at 400DPI). That’s a huge discrepancy.

Borderlands 3 on PC had this same issue and it blows my mind. Is it that hard to squish the increments with which we can adjust our sens?