Mouse sensitivity slider

It would be nice in the next update or any future one if you could increase the max sensitivity option even more. I use a trackball mouse for medical reasons and in a game like vermintide it’s perfect at 9.2 but even at max settings in darktide it’s still a bit on the slow side.

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Also, please please please let us tune it to at least two decimal points… the difference in cm/360 between each 0.1 tick of change in the setting is unacceptable.

I play on very low mouse sensitivity (roughly 56 cm/360) , it lets me hit things with precision and my mousepad is big enough and my mouse light enough to allow me this play style. For reference, I play VT2 at -6 sensitivity, 400DPI, 100FOV (since the sensitivity in these games are FOV dependent).

Right now the closest I can get in Darktide at the max 85FOV is like 45 or 63 cm/360 (0.4 and 0.3 in the settings respectively while my mouse is at 400DPI). That’s a huge discrepancy.

Borderlands 2 on PC had this same issue and it blows my mind. Is it that hard to squish the increments with which we can adjust our sens?