Allow finer mouse sensitivity tuning

Darktide’s mouse sensitivity increments of 0.1 are too broad. A setting of 0.3 is too slow for me, and 0.4 is too fast.

Allowing adjustment in 100ths instead of 10ths would be fantastic. Vermintide 2 is a good example.


Yeah I wish we had more sensitivity options. ADS, and general.

100ths would be great, the jump between 10ths is way too large. Even the ability to set it more finely in config since it’s currently not in the config. A zoom sensitivity multiplier would be nice but lower priority since the devs implemented a corrected zoom sensitivity formula ala focal length in Steam Workshop::Customizable Zoom Sensitivity

There are MANY more issues than just the slider being in Ogryn steps, it may need a fundamental rework.

Big +1

Also need a separate slider for ADS sensitivity.

The problem is we have no idea what 0.1 means or if the scale is even linear.

I think swapping to a direct 1:1 relationship in sensitivity would be best. Like how quake, csgo, apex and others do it. That way if I put my DPI to 1600, and my in game sens to 1, I know that my sensitivity is 1600 edpi and don’t have to use a sensitivity calculator just to get my mouse to feel like it does in other games.

I applaud Fatshark for correctly implementing fov relative sensitivity scaled to 0% MDV. It is the most mathematically correct option for tracking targets. However…

For the most ideal mouse input customisation and to fit everyones needs, there unfortunately needs to be a large change made to the available options in general. There have been many examples of games recently that have accounted for this, and for Vermintide 2, a mod even implemented these options by itself. It is sad to go from what limited options and support VT2 had, to even less, after the issue was remedied by a modder, despite how correctly zoom sens has been handled here.

The best outcome of changes would be to expose a setting for the mouse sensitivity coefficient (0-300%, the default should be set to 0% as it is now) used to calculate the change necessary when moving from (for example) 100 HFov down to the fov of ADS’ing and then an additional ADS sens option that modifies that final value using another 1-200% range slider, while also making the hip sensitivity option more granular, ideally to the 100ths (0.01-10 for example).

The end result would be a near perfectly customisable set of input sensitivity options that has the ideal defaults for people who don’t understand the coefficient option, and a level of granularity to account for 100% of the playerbases needs:

Hip sensitivity, ADS Sensitivty and finally ADS Coefficient for handling fov.

Great examples of games already doing this are every call of duty game released after MW2019, Every battlefield game released after BF4, and humourously, vermintide 2 following the use of Skwuruhls custom zoom sens mod. Having this level of customisation is the new ideal standard, and you can provide that. I am an enthusiast, but this is how people interface with your poduct. Wouldn’t it be great if it could be made perfect for everyone?

i’d be happy with just more granular sens options but this covers every possible person short of some niche oversight.

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Fatshark overhauled their sensitivity equation from Vermintide, it’s linear now. They did it along with the fixed ADS sensitivity equation.

It was previously

0.0006 * 0.85^(-mouse_look_sensitivity) * fov / 0.785

Now it’s

0.001 * mouse_look_scale * tan(current_fov / 2) / tan(pi/6)

I saw something like that on a sens calculator forum. tells me that using my csgo sens 0.1 is a different 360 degree rotation though, because the 0.1 setting is slower than 36cm/360, and 0.2 is way way WAY too fast.

So I either have to lower DPI, or deal with weird aim. No matter what there’s no combination that can get me the same sensitivity. 0.7 at 400 dpi is close, but not the same.

You can see the issue here, I’m sure. Add to that the iron sights sway ruining muscle memory and the only guns that are worth using have a crosshair and don’t require precision.