Request: Please make the Zoomed-in Mouse Sensitivity / Modifier adjustable


I’d like to ask the Devs to please add an option to let us adjust the zoomed-in (sniping) mouse sensitivity / modifier.

Currently the Zoomed-in Sensitivity seems to be exaclty half. I measured: A 360 Dregree Turn took me twice the distance on my mousepad (mouse boost off of course).

Having different mousespeeds messes up with muscle automation / flick shots, alot of FPS players prefer to adjust the zoomed-in sensitivity as close to the normal sensitivity as possible. Other Games Provide options for each zoomed in mouse speed.

I see streamers struggeling with this too, I see them under or overshoot alot on readjusting.

Thank you for reading!

ps: If you do it, please let us adjust it very exaclty: like with 2 commas: x.xx
Higher DPI Settings can struggle with this otherwise.