KNOWN ISSUE: Crashing at Random Due to GPU-Related Errors


UPDATE 01/06


Experimental build aside, please keep in mind that some crashes can occur as the result of localised issues, such as bad drivers.

Potential solutions can be seen in the articles linked below, but please be aware this may reduce the rate at which you experience crashes, but may not eliminate them at this time - we are working on it!

We are aware that dramatically lowering the ‘Worker Thread’ count within the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu down to 1 has been the only way some players have been able to avoid crashing. This comes at the cost of performance, and we consider it to be only a short-term workaround.

[PC] How to Resolve GPU Crashes in Darktide

[PC] How to Resolve Crashes in Darktide

Existing reports (once we have confirmed the crash being reported is the result of a GPU-related error) may be merged here, to help us keep track of the issues being reported.


Won’t switching to the experimental branch significantly reduce the player pool?

Nope! Matchmaking is unaffected. You’ll be able to connect and play as normal (with hopefully, less crashes).


I am still crashing in the experimental build.

I see that you say the issue may be local, such as bad drivers, but I disagree. I never had issues with crashes, dating back to the very first closed beta. Crashes for me only began once the new patch dropped - I doubt this was a coincidence.

That said, I did follow the recommended advice of updating/re-verifying my AMD cards/drivers. I still crash minutes after logging into the Mourningstar.

Now what?

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I definitely disagree with the issue being local, as no other game crashes for me and I’ve had these crashes since day 1 of darktide, across 2 systems. The one thing that has persisted is my GPU, and RTX 4090.

I know another person with a 4080 instead, which has the same issues, but my other friends using older hardware seem to be running it just fine. I am on a clean W11 build, latest drivers, de-bloated OS and have tried running the game in various modes, different settings ect, nothing changes the experience. Crashes usually on the 2nd or 3rd game, but I can play at least 1 without crash.

It’s very strange and a big shame as I really want to play the game…

The game freezes, then after a second or two, it crashes back to the desktop since patch 1.0.31 last week. This happens often, but not on every mission. I noticed that it tends to happen in specific circumstances:

  • When loading the Mourningstar for the first time.
  • When loading the Mourningstar after a mission.
  • When a player joins the mission “ready screen”.
  • When loading a mission while in the Valkyrie transport ship.

These freezes and subsequent crashes did not happen earlier in February prior to the 1.0.31 patch. Though they are very reminiscent of the freezes and crashes I had in January. That 1.0.31 patch is a regression.

I have tried the Experimental build on 2023-02-27T05:00:00Z and got the crash on the first mission I tried, while in the Valkyrie transport ship.

Here are the logs and crash dump:
darktide_launcher.log (8.4 KB)
console-2023-02-27-23.19.27-9fbe8fe5-f893-4553-93cb-f2322692e8e5.log (76.3 KB)
crash_dump-2023-02-27-23.19.27-9fbe8fe5-f893-4553-93cb-f2322692e8e5.dmp (9.6 MB)

And here is my settings file, for reference:
user_settings.config (3.9 KB)

We kindly ask that you complete the questions below. With this information, we can investigate your issue properly.

Issue Description:
As the title says, during the final segment of a mission, right before extracting, I experience frame drops, then get disconnected to the character select screen and am prompted with the “reconnect to previous session” option. I select reconnect and begin to load back in. The dropship waiting sequence play out fine, but the moment I’m back in the mission, before I can do anything, the game freezes for a second, then crashes. It is very frustrating due to the time investment of getting to the very end and receiving nothing, as fun as the gameplay actually is. This has happened several times now.

Crash Report (If Applicable):
GUID: 1971f9b4-1333-4425-82c3-8189360ad21f
Log File:
Info Type:

Error Displayed (If Applicable):
I think I saw something say error 9999 when I relaunched the game.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play psyker
  2. Get to the last section of any mission before extract
  3. Get experience frame drops and get disconnected
  4. Reconnect
  5. Load in, immediately crash


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[2/28/2023, 3:30AM] [GMT -8]

Reproduction Rate:
2 times in the last 2 hours

Upload Console Log:
console-2023-02-28-10.17.06-447da83f-d7fe-4315-a1c5-4b52c2ce5a8d.log (66.1 KB)
console-2023-02-28-10.20.45-f64acecb-3615-42f4-80f1-33294cfbcd14.log (76.7 KB)

I think those are the correct ones, if not I can probably get more.

Upload darktide_launcher.log:
darktide_launcher.log (477.4 KB)

No crashes with the experimental build but suddenly getting no sound in game.

We kindly ask that you complete the questions below. With this information, we can investigate your issue properly.

Issue Description: Crashing to desktop right after the dropship loading screen

Crash Report (If Applicable):
[Please see instructions on how to provide a crash report in the pinned Topic] GUID: 967062ae-a2f5-42f9-b787-57991473c060
Log File:
Info Type:

Error Displayed (If Applicable):

Steps to Reproduce:
[Please add the steps that can help our QA department in reproducing the issue. For example:]

  1. I only have and Ogryn and preacher but it has happened on both.
  2. Join a quickplay game
  3. Wait for the dropship loading screen finish.
  4. you will see the loaded level for one second then crash to desktop. This has happened five times randomly in the last 15 sessions of playing roughly

Mission Name (If Applicable):


Player ID:
[Steam ID 76561197982894638

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[03/01/2023, 00:00AM/PM] [PST}

Reproduction Rate:
Unusual (<25%)

Upload Console Log:
console-2023-03-01-03.12.16-55ebb063-c1b2-4a75-8973-e24f959d8c8e.log (360.2 KB)
console-2023-03-01-04.35.51-33c7d3ab-19d5-4e0e-93dd-b48859f031c6.log (661.5 KB)
console-2023-03-01-10.07.01-5044cc01-7521-4b94-846b-7e41feb74f03.log (179.4 KB)
console-2023-03-01-10.40.24-24f8332e-266c-44ed-afeb-b8120acf9537.log (136.1 KB)
console-2023-03-01-23.58.24-967062ae-a2f5-42f9-b787-57991473c060.log (497.9 KB)

Why is the narrative still being pushed that these crashes “may” be caused by local issues? This is the only game I play out of half a dozen that crashes at all, let alone regularly.


I’ve never had this sound bug since the last experimental build. I’ve to quit the game to get sound again.


I have never had any issues with this game, dating back to the very first closed beta, and then all of a sudden, with the new update, I cannot make it past 3 seconds of loading into the Mourningstar.

They broke the game for many of their dwindling players and there has been barebones communication. I things are moving on without us

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Thanks for leading me to this, experimental worked for me so far no crashes. The only issue I’m having is the player icons are black the boarders show up but the characters show up as black but thats not even a big deal. Push this build through!

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console-2023-03-02-19.05.46-75e1ae63-3d0f-47eb-9cba-b6e62176e12f.log (179.0 KB)


So far this experimental build seems to be working great for me.

I’ve had crashes from day 1, and they seem to have stopped since I’ve started using this build 3 or 4 days ago.

Still doesn’t work. Waited ages for the updates and updated my drivers. Tried the ‘Experimental’ idea. Just beyond disappointed. Another refund. AGAIN. I guess ill have to wait 15years till you bring it out on console and then wait another 15years for that to get updates etc. What a shame

GUID: a393a75d-386d-46c7-8113-826004bb7873
Log File:
Info Type:

This branch mostly resolved the random gpu crashes for me. Default worker thread count. I had only one gpu crash happen in last 3 days when it used to crash ~1/h and up to 4x a mission. I still get the deadlock ‘crash’ when loading with textures on high.

Hi Solun. You are on a very old driver (dec 2022), and something seems to go wrong with the shader cache for you. I would suggest that you firstly update your driver and then erase everything in C:\Users<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Darktide. Or if you want to keep your settings, only erase the files ending with .pso_lib and .hans. Then run the game again.