KNOWN ISSUE: Crashing at Random, Due to GPU-Related Errors

There was a nod awhile back, and it’s the last update/acknowledgement we have:

They don’t know why this is happening and they can’t even reproduce it. Why it is difficult to install Windows 11 22H2 on one of their machines is beyond me, since this is the fastest way to see the crashes.

So they’re flying blind relying on crash dumps, hoping one of their changes reduces the crash reports instead of verifying on their own hardware.

It also crashes on windows 10.
I’m not sure why they don’t just drop everything and focus on this issue only as it was apparently their number 1 priority and probably one of the main issues a lot of users simply gave up.

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The only way I get no crashes is setting worker threads to 1 in the launcher. Anything else and it’ll crash.

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I was slashing an enemy on an espionage map. I also crash 100% every time I play one of the desert maps.

GUID: 1c9db91c-b611-4d75-94e9-1dc165801f11
Log File:
Info Type:

New experimental update is available. Fingers crossed.

Password: cTYPtKTsfMDsLHAV

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GUID: 91ba2b8b-ceb6-4d78-ab71-968a6260b9d1
Log File:
Info Type:

tried the experimental branch. but didnt help. still crash to desktop…

After not playing for a while, I saw the new patch, manually upgraded windows 11 to 22H2 , I did order a new set of Trident Z5 RGB Ram 64GB 2x32GB 5600mhz CL28 with XMP1 fully on and my OC 5Ghz 12900K, I didn’t touch the GPU left that alone for this game, Kept the recommended Graphics settings except changed the Res to 3840x1600 because I just can’t go back to 1440p, so far little to no crashes in a while, had a few crashes to the desktop, but i can say a lot better than before, now I do run ISLC just keep it minimized and the settings default, there is still cases of FPS drop or stutter on loading screens or in the ship heading to a mission which is weird but in game is fine, not sure what worked but it is a step further into improving.

That processor and ram is pointless for gaming. :rofl:

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Out of the about 2 months of release I’ve had 3 weeks of decent gaming. That was in the previous patch 1.0.20 with the experimental build. Now since 1.0.22 and it’s hot fix all the crashes since beta are back.

I’m not even going to produce a crash file since you have a crap ton of identical logs here. I’ll probably just stop playing. Which seems to be the case for a large number of other players too.

Thanks Fatshark for VT 1 and 2, even with some issues they were fantastic games. This one has potential but if I can’t play without crashing I’ll just not play. Thanks for all the fish.


We kindly ask that you complete the questions below. With this information, we can investigate your issue properly.

Issue Description:
The game crashes, some days i have no problems and another day i’ll be unable to lauch the game.

Crash Report (If Applicable):
I have multiple differents GUID but the last one i got is this one :
GUID: 0a980ed1-a50c-407d-9ddc-a45addde4b9e
Log File:
Info Type:

Steps to Reproduce:

1.Launch the game

1.Launch the game
2.Run a mission
3.Crash during loading

1.Launch the game
2.Run a mission
3.Play some time
4.Crash during the mission then refer to the first 2 cases for what happen next


Player ID:
[Steam ID/Steam Profile URL/GamerTag]

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[29/01/2023, 06:00 - 06:30PM] [UTC+1]

Reproduction Rate:
Almost constant (100%)

Upload Console Log:
Console (89.1 KB)

Upload darktide_launcher.log:
darktide_launcher.log (472.3 KB)

I already tried averything that is saif on this page : and this page :
nothing changed

same here

This game puts an abnormal amount of strain on my GPU. Capping my frame rate or reducing my clock speed solves the issue. My rx 6900 xt is stable at 2800 mhz core in every other game, including new games. In this game it is stable at 2700 mhz core. So the stability is still broken 60 days after release. It is insane this game got released in this state.

I have tried so very hard to enjoy this game which i do but the Crashing has gotten worse, ive tried EVERYTHING.

The exact Error i get as shown by Event viewer is as follows: Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted .

Booted into Safe mode, used Display Driver uninstaller.
Booted back into Safe mode, updated to latest Nvidia Driver.
Checked Windows 11 for updates, updated Windows 11 if needed.
Updated Corsairs ICUE if needed.
Used Driver Easy to update any stuff that isnt updated Via Windows update.
limited GPU to 80% power (200w) for stability.
run literally nothing in the background only spotify.
Ive even got as for as using command prompts to check for corrupted files which it found some and replaced.
i didnt stop there i even used Memtest86 and ran my pc through 2 cycles to check for RAM issues which there were none.

I run this game at 4k Ultra/high @ 60fps perfectly fine with literally no stutters except for drop ship screen stutter which i assume most people have. ive probably crashed over 150 times since i cant play this game for more then 3 and a half hours without a crash which has recently been shortened to not even 2 hours. how can this game be allowed to be this bad is beyond me. this is the only game that i have played EVER that kills my Display Driver.

Thought i’d give it another try since you updated the experimental branch & i wasn’t surprised to find you fixed absolutely nothing.

incompetence at its finest.

How about actually fixing this crashing rather than doing some random stuff & just hoping for the best.
You need to start firing people and hiring developers who can actually do their job & diagnose issues. I’ve never known a company to let an issue this severe go on for this long and still not have a clue on how to fix it.

Surely all the thousands upon thousands of crash reports from here and the Steam forums can point you in the right direction, well one would think anyway.

You guys should be offering full refunds to everyone.


Game crashed while changing Graphic settings, not even got to play the actual game.

GUID: 6f7d35c1-5a4b-4294-859e-d4c065dad444
Log File:
Info Type:

Refund while you still can. Crashing has been happening since November and devs still don’t know what the issue is.


Engaged with a horde both times:

GUID: 90dc9e49-e26b-4bb1-b8ea-ec2f576f8fd5
Log File:
Info Type:

GUID: ef2d1963-f03d-4285-bbc6-a510f0247796
Log File:
Info Type:

It has improved though from 3-4 crashes a mission, to the odd one or two.

We have released a new update on the experimental branch in Steam which contains new logging to support our investigation. To crash whilst using this branch would actually be very helpful for us!


  1. Open the Steam client
  2. Right-click Darktide in your Steam library
  3. Select ‘Properties’
  4. Select ‘Betas’
  5. Enter the password cTYPtKTsfMDsLHAV
  6. Select ‘Check Code’
  7. Select the ‘None’ dropdown, and experimental - Experimental Builds should now be within the list
  8. Select experimental - Experimental Builds
  9. Close the pop-up window
  10. A download should now start
  11. Play!
  12. Post here to let us know the outcome


Happy to report that so far I have not had any crashes on the experimental branch, same as last time. I had a few crashes on the main branch. I will update if I have any crashes.