KNOWN ISSUE: Crashing at Random, Due to GPU-Related Errors

Bought the game a few hours ago, been trying to play it ever since, made it through the prologue, but now, it crashes before I can reach 15 mins or so in-game, every time I try. Not sure what to do, the fixes don’t work for me.

GUID: 661832e4-f4e0-4f36-ad4a-df18eaab0d18
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2023-01-22-09.16.28-661832e4-f4e0-4f36-ad4a-df18eaab0d18.log (143.6 KB)
darktide_launcher.log (96.4 KB)
crash_dump-2023-01-22-09.16.28-661832e4-f4e0-4f36-ad4a-df18eaab0d18.dmp (846.1 KB)

I’ve run a system stress test, memory diagnostic, gpu memory test, and a gpu stress test on this system. It passes all those with flying colours. This game crashes at least once per mission.

I must say I haven’t crashed even once in a couple of days. I think the latest windows update helped. I’m on experimental FYI.

Have you tried renaming the settings folder so all the settings get regenerated? That’s the last thing I can think of besides asking for a refund and trying again in 3-6 months.

I’m on Windows 11 (22H2, OS Build 22621.1105) and I’ve been experiencing the GPU hang crashes CONSTANTLY since the pre-order beta. Couldn’t go more than 5-10 minutes in-game without a crash. The ONLY workaround was setting Worker Threads to 1 and DLSS Off.

I tried the experimental branch today for the first time and had ZERO crashes across three rounds with Worker Threads on 9 and DLSS On. Glad to see some progress being made finally. Game seems to run better on top of that, too. I can actually play with decent performance now! Thank you, devs!

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Is there a way to try the experimental branch on the Microsoft Store version of the game?

First off, it’s not a solution. It helps with crashing for some people, some get fewer crashes, some get even fewer, some people it doesn’t do a damned thing for.

Second, yes, you’re completely correct. This isn’t a hardware issue on our ends, it’s a software/code issue on the game’s end. We shouldn’t be dealing with this…it’s quite a load of bs.

We kindly ask that you complete the questions below. With this information, we can investigate your issue properly.

Issue Description:

I understand that there has been quite a bit of animosity around the game, but be assured that this is not a complaint, but a genuine request for help and assistance. I enjoy the game quite a bit and have been playing it frequently in the past 4 weeks, but I find myself unable to do so anymore this past week as the crashes have become near constant in missions and occur sometimes on several occasions.

I have tried to understand the issue by myself as I am able, in most cases, to troubleshoot and resolve such problems with hardware or software on my own. I only started troubleshooting a week ago when the crashes became consistent and repeating. But none of the many available solutions in your support pages or elsewhere on the internet seem to fix the problem.

Please assist me in finding a solution to my case.

Thank you in advance to for your care and attention.

Crash Report (If Applicable):
Didn’t copy for specific crash, sorry, can most likely reproduce it and copy if necessary

Error Displayed (If Applicable):

Steps to Reproduce:
[Please add the steps that can help our QA department in reproducing the issue. For example:]

  1. Load into any mission
  2. Seemingly crash at random (can happen at the very start, just loading in, in the middle of the mission at the end, events started to happen, are happening, finished happening etc.

Mission Name (If Applicable):
Seemingly any


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
Past week most frequent, 1 crash per 5-6 mission before, GMT+4 both nighttime and daytime.

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:
Haven’t recorded any evidence, can most likely record and reproduce upon request.

Upload Console Log:
console-2023-01-19-07.09.41-b4f90ea4-437c-4959-9388-32c5a05a5523.log (177.6 KB)

This one happened today, similar logs for others on crash result, can provide more if needed. Graphical settings seem irrelevant as I have tried a variety of settings and fixes in an outside the game before, verifying files, removing and reinstalling the game completely and the crashes still happen. I have also monitored heat levels, successfully ran other games for several hours, monitored heat, reset overclock on CPU and GPU (even though again, it was relatively stable before), checked for several software updates (which were already done), removed and reinstalled drivers, reinstalled most recent version of Windows, checked ram with memtest, added and removed settings in the registry, modified and restored game files to achieve lowest possible settings, was tempted to reinstall windows but deemed it unnecessary. Please help, I am very much entertained and wish to resume my gaming, thank you again.

Upload darktide_launcher.log:
darktide_launcher.log (208.8 KB)

I managed to reproduce with lowest settings this time and copied the crash ID:

GUID: d6a1f105-6efa-4a10-8263-e918878d1be1
Log File:
Info Type:

Also the log:
console-2023-01-19-13.58.31-dfa209da-e1f6-4e07-8d61-48b45077a5af.log (186.6 KB)

Hello, I’m experiencing this issue while playing and its really annoying, it just crashes out of nowhere and doesn’t let me finish my match.

My built is Ryzen 5700x, RTX 3070, 16gb Ram, 2TB NVME PCI-E 4.0, Windows 10, all the threads selected in the settings menu, playing with DLSS.

I have the same configuration I had on Windows 11 and these type of crashes didn’t happen, I clean installed Windows 10, and now I’m having these crashes.

At certain point of the maps, where the map is open, I lost the sound and seconds after losing the sound the game crashes and gives me this:

GUID: b94684e4-76aa-4a9f-8406-6706016a6b8d
Log File:
Info Type:

The best thing about this is that even when launching on geforce now, that crashes just as much :joy::joy::joy:

I have three hardware configurations, a desktop, laptop and geforce now streaming. All crash, all on their much-vaunted partners hardware. I’m starting to suspect that it’s something they added in last minute before launch, to enable some of the newer Nvidia features. Because suddenly Nvidia uses darktide as a PR piece, one of the first games to use DLSS 3.0 for the fancy lighting etc., And suddenly a relatively and surprisingly stable closed beta software becomes a crazy mess on the run up to launch

Nvidia must really be delighted at the PR they are getting :joy:

At this point you’ve just got to laugh at them. They know they’ve f*cked up, they know they’ve lost themselves a boatload of money and credibility, and they probably know they just ended their careers prematurely. But don’t worry guys “we will update you next week” :joy::joy::joy:


I turned my worker threads to 1 in the launcher yesterday and then did 5 missions in a row without a crash. My CPU did get significantly hotter. I’m going to turn it up to 2 and see what happens tonight.

Crash in first mission with 2 worker threads. Set it back to 1, rejoined the mission and completed it only to get an inescapable black screen after the short cutscene.

Here’s the info for the 2 worker thread crash:

GUID: a6ff3ffd-6248-43ec-b6a6-edc15d4fdb7e
Log File:
Info Type:

crash_dump-2023-01-24-07.21.24-a6ff3ffd-6248-43ec-b6a6-edc15d4fdb7e.dmp (703.1 KB)
darktide_launcher.log (191.9 KB)
crash_dump-2023-01-24-07.21.24-a6ff3ffd-6248-43ec-b6a6-edc15d4fdb7e.dmp (703.1 KB)

And here’s what it dumped for the black screen:

crash_dump-2023-01-24-07.36.58-bfc034b6-9b8e-481e-832b-ed24a1f7c1c3.dmp (745.6 KB)
console-2023-01-24-07.36.58-bfc034b6-9b8e-481e-832b-ed24a1f7c1c3.log (73.7 KB)

Thought i’d give it a try after the latest hotfix which apparently fixed a lot of the crashes.
Well… the game still crashes just like before.

The hotfix did nothing to fix the crashing, as usual.


GUID: fb60df2d-8d54-4bde-8092-a6d5857851a4
Log File:
Info Type:

I’ve been playing with no crashes since last patch, I quit playing because I couldn’t finish a mission without crash. Good news.

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Hey @FatsharkPdr , did your experimental crash fixes make it into the latest 1.0.22 build? The new patch seems a lot more stable however I had close to no crashes on your experimental branch and I’ve already had one since the recent patch went live. If your test did not make it into the prod build please give out another experimental branch for us to use!

Update: 1.0.22
Still have this crashing problem.

Console Log:
console-2023-01-25-22.43.31-1c1fc27b-862d-4108-b904-14f9b7fef48b.log (506.7 KB)
crash_dump-2023-01-25-22.43.31-1c1fc27b-862d-4108-b904-14f9b7fef48b.dmp (762.1 KB)

We kindly ask that you complete the questions below. With this information, we can investigate your issue properly.

Crashing when i try to join games or create games

GUID: 6341c888-a270-4598-887a-56bda04a9546
Log File:
Info Type:

join or create game
try to rejoin


DESKTOP/xbox game pass

Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
all the time

Reproduction Rate:
OFTEN, greater than 75% of the time

Upload Console Log:
Not sure how to get to it

Upload user_settings.config:
user_settings.config (4.6 KB)

GUID: 1b94a5ad-e397-40fa-b0fa-74d1af7fb85d
Log File:
Info Type:

console-2023-01-25-21.39.20-1b94a5ad-e397-40fa-b0fa-74d1af7fb85d.log (620.0 KB)
crash_dump-2023-01-25-21.39.20-1b94a5ad-e397-40fa-b0fa-74d1af7fb85d.dmp (673.2 KB)

Is there any possibility of getting even a nod from devs about wtf is happening regarding fixing this crap?