Knife and Pistol Dodge Nerfed?

Don’t forget others assassin type weapons… its not only knife, axes too… but its not a weapon nerf its the dodge system itself they ruined



Models cannot make attacks with ranged weapons while their unit is within Engagement Range of any enemy models. Models also cannot target enemy units within Engagement Range of any other units from your army – the risk of hitting your own troops is too great."

Further: Melee charging units get to move first, from up to 12".

Thank you so much for proving my point.

Darktide simply isn’t Warhammer with dozens of shooters firing through their own units, ignoring melee engagament, and ranged stunlocking players while they’re locked in melee.

There’s a reason why melee is so iconic in Warhammer, and it’s why we play games in this universe instead of standard shooters.


Bring.Back.Dodge. Or try to finish heresy run with melee weapons now. I dont think you balancers even playing game tbh.


Those weapons have NO stagger, no stamina, no push radius, dancing around is their only strengh…
Well, was.




The response is lovely and I understand the intent, but could we please find a compromise like “after x dodges, cooldown increases to y” rather than just making dodging clunkier all the time?

Dodging on command in tense moments is one of the best feeling parts of Fatshark combat and now dodging feels horribly unreliable.

I am glad to hear that you guys want to make sure pistol (I assume this includes revolver) dodging feels extra nimble. As thats a big reason I am using Revolver over Lasgun right now.

But with dodge THIS nerfed, I am likely switching back to heavier weapons so I am not trying to dodge too often as a response anymore.

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As the OP let me be clear, the knife did need a small amount of toning down, but dodging as a whole absolutely did not, and I think that the amount it was toned down was too much. Somewhere in the middle of where it was and where it is now would feel fine and still allow you to circle dodge hordes or get free enough to take a few shots at specials. The rest of the weapons feel significantly worse than the knife and can’t really understand why they would be nerfed like this. The players don’t have a lot of tools for ranged hordes at the moment, and even less that feel good or smooth. Maybe the game I want to be playing isnt the game that Fatshark is imagining this to be, or is disconnected from the wants of the community who clearly want things to be a bit more like VT2.

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