Dodge nerf supporters, name some fun weapons

Now that dodge is gone, what is a fun way to play the game

Those of you who support the nerf should be expected to have some ideas

what did they change about the dodge? I just played a game and it felt like my dodge count was less and wouldnt reset as easily but I dont see any changes listed in the most recent patch?

As far as Im aware the only change was to weapons with longer range dodges being brought in line because it was allowing people to sanic powerslide everywhere and nothing could catch you. Otherwise the mechanic is the same.

Lol in place of dodge they gave us god mode.

Solves a number of problems at once: Zealot, weapon and stat flexibility, dodge spam

We’ll see if it’s the right solution. Less exciting though

No thats what everyone WANT them to do. Instead we got this.

"The intent was to remove chain-dodge kiting, which with the more nimble weapons enabled you to move at faster than sprint speeds while maintaining dodge state. We introduced a slower speed towards the end of the dodges in general so there is a bit of a pause between moving really fast while chaining dodges.

Knifes and nimble wepons still keep their high effective dodge counts, but the ability to circle dodge and feel properly agile is something that we want the weapons to keep, just at a more balanced level. Will keep an eye on it, thank you for your feedback."

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They gave us god mode instead though :joy: A bit funny, though maybe I need sleep

Less exciting and skillful for sure, but solves a number of problems on paper: Zealot, weapon and stat flexibility, dodge spam

We’ll see if it’s the right solution