incentive to play

I enjoyed playing this game up until the point where I was lvl 30 for all characters. Now it seems like I can win a Legend run get everything and then get 3 blue items… there is no longer an incentive to play. The DLC maps are way too long & once you beat them 1x, I feel that nobody I know wants to play them again. I don’t even want to talk about the commendation chests


yes its a joke. Half the time people quit when they see the dlc maps.

If i’m really in the need to blow off steam then sometimes its fun to play a round, but usually I disconnect for whatever random reason and can’t be bothered to sit through more loading screens.

Only red i got in the last month was my 10th trinket. Not that I care about that stuff anymore. I don’t think i’ll be here in a month, and I don’t think i’ll shell out for any more dlc.

Check back in a year and see if they have fixed their mess.

I really don’t see the problem people have with DLC maps. They are some of the best maps fatshark has ever done, and people dislike them for being a few minutes longer than others?
I play the game to play the game.
How can people at once say that rewards are pointless, and complain that levels are too long, thus not giving enough rewards?
Sure, it’d be nice to have something to work towards, especially when it comes to items, and maybe something better than deeds, but when you just get to level 30, you do have that.
Plenty of cosmetics to unlock through challenges. Uninspired, yes, but they exist.


I wouldn’t say the DLC maps are terrible, but I’m not a huge fan of the verticality. The opinions on them seem to be mixed.

As for the incentive to play, my hopes were that we would get an SDK to make our own maps for the modded server and maybe even have a bi-monthly community map playlist on the official server. Among other things, that was kind of my vision for an endgame. Those hopes, however, have pretty much gone down the drain.


i agree. i wish they would implement a good end-game game system loop to keep things fresh for players.

I think the issue is that they designed the loot system around pushing people towards buying paid lootboxes (which a dev let slip on a stream I believe), and when the SWBF2 sh*t hit the fan they took out the paid part without changing the purposefully frustrating base system.

Perhaps their budget got cut way back on losing the paid system so that they don’t have the hours to actually address the many crippling issues that plague the game.

Whatever the reason, the system as it stands is less than useless IMO. Treat it like L4D: Grimdark Edition and totally ignore the chests then you might find it tolerable.

These days my favourite thing is a good wipe. A few oh sh*t moments to get the heart racing and I’ll remember the session the next day. My 500th 297 orange duplicate is not even worth the time it takes to watch that chest animation.

Honestly, I can’t even enjoy the voice acting because the sound is completely f*cked and even when it wasn’t, the lines would fail to play or get cut off by any little character grunt. Such a woeful mess, and so tragic because the core gameplay is some of the best I have ever experienced.

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Seems like you might not want to play the game; You feel like the button in the skinner box is not working (reward does not feel like a reward). If you need the button to reward you I’d look at other games. I know I wouldn’t want the game to psychologically manipulate me into doing something I don’t actually like doing.

And should there really be an incentive for people with this mindset to play the game beyond max level? I’d say no. V2 already suffers enough from bad design, there doesn’t need to be more of it just so munchkins can stay around for scraps. This ain’t an infinite game, like an MMO. Now, it may have design elements taken from those games, but it’s evident that that was from a time when shartfart thought they’d actually have, like, new modes, or… any kind of content out. Which they didn’t. And they won’t.

It’s natural to move on from a game if the gameplay loop no longer satisfies you. This isn’t an ARPG or an MMO. The devs tried to branch out and failed, and that’s that.

I don’t believe that is the end of the loop for this game. It has a lot of potential, and I believe some more gameplay modes and a slight rework of the deeds system might work to inject some life in this game. More costumes and variations? It can be something we could hope for, but doubt that Fatshark will deliver on it. We can only hope. There is many things wrong with the core game itself that need urgent fixing first. Phantom swings, hordes that walk through walls and through the air, wonky special mechanics like gattling fire through walls, silent patrols, wonky horde spawn mechanics, etc etc the list just goes on and on and on.

More maps certainly wouldn’t hurt.

With as many hours in as I have, I have given up trying to obtain the cosmetics I want for the career I want. I have obtained absolutely nothing I would use for any of my favorite careers, and I doubt the RNG system even cares.

I have accepted the fact that I will probably never get those items, because I just don’t get lucky in games like this. It is what it is. More than half the cosmetics I don’t even care for, which leaves a very tiny percentage (almost irrelevant) to ever roll the cosmetics I do care about. And with the current system of obtaining items RANDOMLY for every career in the game and not the active character career opening the box, makes working for specific cosmetics almost laughable. I don’t understand that design choice for the life of me. Why would most players care about getting another hat/skin/etc for a random career chosen by the RNG system and not the current one being used?? It just seems like a design choice specifically made to purposefully frustrate players. I don’t need that from a game. I can just stop playing until its either fixed or I move on to other games that I find fulfilling in other ways.

I will eventually move on from this game like I have many others, nothing personal. I don’t sit on the design or dev Team and they make their own choices with a purpose on how to retain their player base. With over 800+ hours in this game, anyways, I believe I already got my money’s worth.

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These days I basically only play for the sake of having entertaining runs. Usually after 2 or 3 runs, I’m done for the day since the loot system which should be giving me motivation to grind is basically non existent. I don’t even bother anymore opening chests after runs

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