I like the expansion but i have nothing to grind for in normal games?! :D

Ok long time player, and i have most skins in the game now.

Why dont you add a few new skins so grinding the normal mode gets rewarding again? Sure i can grind WoM, but for now i want to grind the old way with new enemies (and i think this is what most people want), but there is no weekly quests and no skins for me to get as i have most of em…

Its great with some changes like dodge and added faction etc, but now we need a few new maps and LOTS of new skins… This should have been included in this expansion as it took so long to get it out.

Do we have to wait 6 more months or 1 year for some maps and skins? (stuff that would be the simpler and faster to add?) Its soon 1.5 years since you released v2, and you only added 5 maps (3 re-makes) and NO new skins (to go into paint and change the color does not count). So a few maps and no skins, in (soon) 1.5 years… A few months should be enough for this time wise…?


If you’re grinding then don’t. Just stop playing. Why invite developers to create grind, especially a developer like fatshark that have many times substituted actual content for lazy mindless grind.


yeah grind without reward, its almost like they dont want people to play :slight_smile:

Just don’t grind. Play what you like. Why do you need a carrot held in front of you to have fun?

Well, there are some that finds the notion of being rewarded for working towards a goal, fun.

It’s why grinding, as a concept, exists in the first place (whether the “reward” is worth grinding towards, is another story).

This “carrot holding”, for lack of a better term, isn’t anything new, nor does it mean the player is unable to have fun with the gameplay itself without it. It just means that, if you can play a game you enjoy, AND earn rewards while doing it, it’s double the fun.


Yes, it’s nice to be rewarded for your efforts, but the moment something becomes a grind, the fun isn’t really there anymore. People might still play, but the word “grind” already indicates it’s no longer enjoyable.


Grinding can be enjoyable. It’s up to the player themself if they find it fun or not.

Just to name an example, you have a game like Warframe, which core gameplay consists of grinding the same things over and over again, and yet it’s still really successful in spite of it (or, perhaps because of it), consistently getting thousands of players daily (at least according to Steam Charts).

Even something like the Battle Pass you have in every Battle Royale game nowadays is a form of grinding, and I don’t think you need much inside knowledge on the subject to know how successful they are.

Grinding itself, as a concept, can be enjoyable, as long as you feel the reward is worth working towards. The negative connotation grinding has garnered, particularly within the last few days, has been due to the rewards not being found worthwhile (such as the Weave system introduced in WoM).

Warframe is successful because the combat is loads of fun so the repetition isn’t painful. Players have largely accepted the grind in VT2 because the combat was so much fun.

Aaaaand that’s the end of that.

Lohners Emporium being launched might add a massive surge of value to the game and rekindle the spark - much like quests/contracts and the Shrine of Solace did for VT1.

The clamour and demand for the Beta Testers frame should be quite a good indication that the players are desperate for new cosmetics when even a frame is met with such demand. In fact the game is so short on meaningful cosmetic rewards and thats what people want that to rescue the damp squib of WoM a good launch of Lohner’s Shop with Catrinne selling you new armours, hats, weapon skins and frames would be a massive step forwards.

There isn’t even the Skin you could BUY at the end of VT1 as part of VT2 options. Saltzpyre’s Estalian Leather coat, Sienna’s Wyrmscales skin etc.

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