Cosmetic Chest every 5 levels?

So basically what’s just happened is we got to pay 10 bucks to grind 10 hours+ a week to MAYBE get a cosmetic or skin for the class we play. I got 4 for Warmage and 2 for Slayer before I was like “WELP SEE YA FATSHARK I’M DONE.”
Obviously NO ONE in the community likes this, so hopefully we’ll get changes because I don’t want to see this game die terribly. Fatshark, we payed for your game and the DLC. YOU DON’T NEED LOOTBOXES LIKE THIS. I think if you gave us a cosmetic chest more frequently like as a every 5 levels sort of thing it would shut up a lot of the people who are upset right now. Maybe even every 10th level idc I just need some sort of end game that doesn’t force me to play for 10 hours a week that’s RIDICULOUS.
I’m officially out, after 300+ hours you’ve finally forced me out Fatshark, it just doesn’t feel worth it to play anymore. I’m at least watching to see if you change anything but I don’t expect much and that is honestly really sad for me. Goodbye Vermintide! It’s been frustrating, but still fun… rarely.


Nah, you paid 10 bucks for 2 maps that were supposted to be free + bunch of low-effort hats, cheap skin recolors and veteran illusions with RGB slider set to purple, all locked behind bad RNG/weekly chest grind.