Why not just release the dlc maps for free and let players buy the cosmetics they want directly?

Seriously though, Fatshark. I haven’t seen anyone happy about this system of grinding 25 quickplays for one of 200 or whatever craps for a class you may not even play. Just what exactly was the logic behind this decision?
It is 2018, there is no love for the rng fiesta, so why do you keep pushing more of it on us?
People liked the level challenges for the portraits and so on, because they were fun and challenging and you know what you were getting. Now you just grind for more RNG.

Furthermore, this DLC just wasn’t ready for release. You can literally fall through the map in multiple areas, amateur stuff. Bots discard grims, which was reported in beta and not fixed. Crashes all over the place. Still crappy patrols that spawn on top of you and immediately agro, or agro from weird spots.

You aren’t reclaiming and retaining players by rushing out buggy patches and grindy rng. You are just driving more of them away and building up more bad will for yourself.

Could you AT THE VERY LEAST just give us a freaking red dust crafting system so we can do something with the 100 dupes many of us have now? And could you PLEASE make it a reasonable exchange i.e. salvage 4 reds to craft a non-dupe red and not salvage 20 to make yet another dupe?



Honestly, I wouldn’t buy a lot of them even if they were on sale directly. A lot of these recolors remind me of those baby’s first Skyrim mod where they turn the default leather armor black and suddenly it’s ‘assassin’s armor’, but at least that was free (and at least the skyrim modder at least changes the hat to match the shirt). I mean, if you look at the playable knight in Killing Floor, he already has more options than Kruber does by default - no more money, no grind, no rng.

(yes you need to own chivalry first, but the other vanilla characters have similar levels of default customization, I just used the knight since he’s the easiest comparison to VT)

If I’m going to fork out money for paid only cosmetics, they should at the very least be something better than some cheap recolors. I mean, just look at the VT1 skin for Kerillian and compare that to the default skin in this game.

These actually feel like different and interesting skins, this was my expectation when I heard that we were getting paid cosmetics to this game. But so far, buying Vermintide 1 just for skins has gotten me more mileage than anything added to the game since launch. And meanwhile in VT2… The black Kerillian skin doesn’t even change her hood to match it… As much as I like this game, if cheap recolors are going to be their DLC structure from here on out, they won’t see another penny from my pocket.

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