The RNG in this game makes me hate playing it SO much

I love the gameplay, but if I want to get better gear or try something new, I’m completely beholden to RNG. I’ve been wanting to play with the MK3 Helbore for DAYS, FRAGGING DAYS. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, FIX THE FRAGGING GAME. WHO’S IDEA WAS IT TO ADD ALL THE RNG, IT FILLS ME WITH SUCH A FRAGGING BLIND RAGE BECAUSE I WANT TO PLAY THE GAME SO BAD.

Ok, I had to get that out of the way. Seriously though, why did all of these RNG mechanics have to be added. A common saying in Vermintide was that, “Once you’re max level and have all reds, you can finally start playing the game.” The fun of your games has always been the gameplay. All the grinding for gear and levels was pretty much a tutorial to prepare players for higher difficulties. I want that in this game SO bad. Why can’t we have that?


It’s been over a week and Peddler does not want to sell me an MK 12. :frowning:

To artifically prolong gameplay since game is empty and has no content. To artifically increase players retention/log in times/time login since they have to check store every 60 min. To make sure people are frustrated enough to drop some cash for cool skins. And to obscure the fact that game has no content and that crafting that was supposed to ship fully in December won’t ship in December. Why do you think they made sure you can only reroll one perk?

Just do yourself a favour like me and my friends did week ago: drop the game. Once game will almost be dead Fatshark will have to (again, just like V2, deja vu) drop reworks of everything in hope to get players back.

if you are playing right now you are just giving them what they wanted: you addicted to RNG gambling in hope to get good gear inflating their excel statistics to show on meetings. 1 more hour? Check store in 1 more hour? Gonna watch movie with wife? Better check store each hour? Free day? Maybe stay log in just so you can check store?

And so you are cought in gotcha mobile-games predatory mechanic and you are part of trademil


It is a tactic that casinos and gambling companies have used for a long time.

Its exactly why I don’t gamble at anything other than the chance of me dying every day from something like a car wreck.