Dear Fatshark, fix your RNG systems

 So I know that when it comes to video games these days, gaming companies look to content creators a lot more then regular players.   So instead of spouting off about how your loot and map systems are severely  bad.  I found you a content creator to help explain EXACTLY why your player base is not happy with your RNG based systems, and how you are going to loose your player base if not fixed.  Its very short vid, but says it all.



They can’t even if some devs want:

Game has no content so they needed to turn into predatory practices/tactics to artifically prolong gameplay and inflate log in numbers/players numbers by forcing people to chase better gear in 60 min refresh RNG store. Playing on classic addiction to checking for better result, counting on people posting their perfect rolls on reddit and forcing people to keep logging in in hope of “maybe this time it’s me, maybe this hour it will be me!”. It’s like lottery or classic mobile-games gotcha. Same psychological tricks. Obviously it will have opposite effect to many more players, but Tencent is sure of it’s mobile-games experience where biggest sheeps will keep playing in hope of getting that lottery win becasue someone is winning from time to time so there is chance, right?

Same reason why we can only reroll one perk. So you still don’t have your perfect weapon, so you will log in, log in, keep checking store, keep checking store. One day I have to be lucky one, right?

And another lottery ticket bought every 60 min…