How do YOU (fatsharks) feel about your exploitative gamedesign?

You literally designed a habit forming skinner box worse than asian mobile games.

I write this as someone who has quit/not taken employment opportunities for moral reasons. Just because i found it to be more important to be able to be happy with myself when i look in the mirror rather than being able to buy more stuff.

Darktides “regular” shop (weapon and curios - NOT even talking about the cosmetic one) is pure chinese mobile developer brain tricks. The game is literally shop meta. Playing the shop is the best way to get gear.

In Genshin impact you have a “stamina” system that makes it so you can only do a certain number of “mini activities” to get better gear and stamina caps out so you HAVE TO LOG IN twice a day or you miss out.
In your game you have to log in every time the shop resets. The best way to currently play darktide is to just log in every hour and check the shop.

This is the game you developed, a habit forming skinner box thats literally worse than an asian p2w gacha mobile game.

Is that something you can sleep with at night?

And actually i do want to mention the cash shop after all. So, from what ive heard the reasoning why we have a functioning cash shop but are missing a metric ton of really basic features and then even more features that were even in the trailer is:
Different teams created the cash shop. Okay. So it was a UI team right? Then why does your game not have a group chat on the mourningstar? Thats a really really basic feature right? Thats something a UI team would develop?

Idk man.
Just sayin, if i were you and i’d somehow have any amount of self respect left after going as far as this release already has, i’d quit.

Community representatives and everyone working at fatshark is welcome to reply. Id love to see the mental gymnastics you came up with to somehow make this okay.


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Congratulations on your complete unwillingness to actually read even 10 lines of my post (or just complete inability to understand the concept of exploitative gamedesign - thats cool - not everyone is smart - you do you).

Definitely not condescending and entitled at all.

PS: I’m 35 and ive probably done more good for “the world” than you ever will.


Not an argument. It’s like you didn’t read his post.

“Games need to make money.”

Fantastic insight, I don’t think anybody is disputing this we are disputing predatory practices to fund this. You or I aren’t the target of Whaling but so what? Should cosmetics really be paywalled that high just because a small group of people are happy/have the psychological profile to be scalped?

You’re so tedious.


Choice of terms aside, perhaps, I think the question is a legitimate one, especially considering that in the past FS said they’d never implement something similar. Some could argue they were talking about Vermintide, but this feels off enough to raise questions. Especially because the existence of the shop is not the worst part, asmuch as the chosen predatory practices.

Before we jump on the “you want free stuff” train, let’s take a moment to remember that DT just released, and it’s by no means a free game.

FS tried different approaches to monetization, some more welcome than others, and as much as a company has the right to try stuff out, gamers have a right to dislike them. This certainly is a departure from the “free content alongside purchasable cosmetics” they seem to have settled for with VT, or their previous “payed DLCs but no microtransactions” approach.

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I read your post. It’s just drivel.

Where is the “habit forming” stuff? You don’t need to log in every hour to check the store. You could… Just relax, have some patience, and enjoy the game.

I think maybe you’re rushing yourselves, and maybe being a little obsessive compulsive.

Otherwise I agree we need the full crafting system and some fixes, but overall you’re really over reacting here, IMO.

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This post doesn’t seem to be going anywhere good, so I’m locking it. Be nice to each other.