The Armoury Exchange is a huge let down of the game

It’s super annoying having to check the market every hour
Doesn’t matter if it’s going to have 3 or 10 refresh
Crafting like in V2 was great

If you want to keep players in the game, why don’t make something challening?
For example, clearing Heresy/Damnation 100 times = new frames
Clearing Heresy/Damnation 1,000 = more frames.

I don’t think they want people to actually play Darktide. I think the intended design is for you to login once an hour. Get your loot from RNG shop. Maybe buy an over-priced skin from cash shop. Then log out and play a better game which values your time. All signs point to this: random map selection, main way of getting loot through hourly shop, and weekly quests. It reminds me of mobile gaming when I used to be into that type of game in my youth. Mainly those waifu gacha games. I’d check the mobile app on a daily basis, get my login reward, maybe do some events, some quests, then log out and do it all over again the next day.

Difference is though, mobile games have distilled their sugar inducing dopamine rush to a science and they at least give you some nice things to keep you hooked to the game. For example, in waifu gacha games, they throw some rare waifus at you every once in a while. Fatshark on the other hand is so stingy with their loot that it defeats the purpose of the design. That and also it doesn’t make sense to use mobile design shenanigans in a PC game. Unlike mobile gaming where I check the app once or twice throughout the day with no real intention of playing the game; I’d like to actually play the PC game that I paid 40 bucks on, I know, crazy thought.

Point to this unnecessary prattling of mine is that the less artificial barriers we have gating people from having fun, the better. Darktide isn’t a mobile game. So we shouldn’t have this stuff in it. I’m still baffled that someone in management thought it was a good idea to go forward with all of these time wasting mechanics.


So in the credits, in the Fatshark board of directors is one of Tencent’s “games as a service” project’s “general manager of Tencent Shooting Games”, so it’s not exactly management, it’s all the way from board of directors.
Although I am hesitant to pin it all on Tencent, because the way communications are looking at the moment, it doesn’t seem like Fatshark is making any attempt to reconcile things, so I’m guessing someone sold the company for a nice paycheck. There’s been a few companies who tried and did go around problematic Tencent management before.

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The problem though is how convenient it all is for Fatshark. It doesn’t make sense for Tencent to sabotage their investment. Money doesn’t grow on trees. These people are expecting returns from their investment and it’s kind of hard for that to happen if people are warning others to not buy Darktide - steam score tanking for instance - is going to hurt sales.

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