The Current Monetization Model is Totally Unacceptable

Im going to head things off by saying that whoever at fatshark whos job it is to read these things, and most likely the vast majority of the devs, this isnt on you its own your bosses, anyway:

Fatshark, this monetization model is horrible, and you should feel horrible for it. You’re nickle and diming us by making us unable to buy the exact amount of aqulias we need and forcing us to buy whole bundles instead of the specific cosmetics we want, and on top of that you using limited time availability to exploit fear of missing out, shame on you, shame.

But I am not an unreasonable person, I know a way you can make the store fair and still make money, specifically do the following:

remove every form of limited time item/fomo and replace it with a catalogue where we can buy whole bundles or just specific items from different bundles, you even already have a UI that shows the price of each item in a bundle so part of that work is already done.

Either replace the aqualia bundles altogether or add an option where we can enter an exact amount we want to buy ourselves.

DO NOT increase the prices or stop adding free penance cosmetics as a replacement for all the manipulation, that will simply make people more upset and thus more likely to give you bad PR and abandon the game.

Thats it, simple concept, do those and the vast number of players will be willing to give you money.


Tencent hears you, Tencent don’t care. (It’s their monetization model)

if they didnt care they wouldnt have the owners of fatshark lying through thier teeth in PC gamer to do damage control, but your not wrong in saying me alone wont make them care, the majority of the playerbase however…