These new cosmetics are lazy and unacceptable

Okay im just gonna say it, as of this post the most recent round of cosmetics are not acceptable at all, the return of that old zealot one is fine, but the rest are literally just retextures of old cosmetics. We have seen what you can do with good cosmetics, its amazing, but this aint it, your just selling reskins for full price and a separate ogryn beret that’s exactly the same as the bundle but no bandanna. What the living hell happened to the awesome cosmetics and no fomo of vermintide 2? Whoever in the higher ups thought this was okay needs to be given the boot. I dont have a problem with paid cosmetics IF they are worth the money, these are not.

Also I hate to have to say this, but dont harass the community managers, they dont make these choices, they a just the messenger, so dont give them hate for it.


Oh boy, you will be in for a thing when you see some of the other upcoming releases.

Every major skin has at least one recolor, many even several. If you’re not into that sort of thing, be prepared for disappointment (many of them do look nice tho).

I think the concept of retextures and recolours is fine. Sometimes you don’t like the colours/patterns/whatever on a given base cosmetic model and offering a different set on the same model might present something more to your tastes.

As for how these fit into the wider cosmetic delivery flow, that’s another discussion. But I think it’s fine to have different variants of the same skin.


I think that, provided the game has a long and healthy life ahead, these kinds of things will naturally stop being made. If my faith in the players is justified, people won’t buy the lazy, ugly recolours and it’ll prove financially detrimental to throw them together and waste store slots.

Not that I like how the store is being operated, mind you. Don’t like the rotations, and don’t like the quality of the cosmetics most of the time. Fatshark can and has done better.

It just feels greedy to reuse the same model so blatantly and charge full price for a recolour or for shifting the accessories around a bit. Everything is completely static, no accessory customisation, no dye or colour system, their cosmetics are bloated with recolours and very minor visual differences. No wonder they try to hide their cosmetics catalogue.

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