Your cosmetic shop is bad and you should feel bad

That’s it, that’s the thing I’m posting to complain about. Y’all really are just expecting us to pay $15 apiece for a bunch of reskins and assuming we’re all too stupid to recognize that they are reskins with your rotating shop system obfuscating that fact.

Get your heads on straight, stop being greedy, and implement a shop that isn’t a blatant cash grab.

I mean look at this:


Even when it’s not a reskin you got to sit and think now are they just gonna make a new one a few months from now and charge me more money for a fixed version


Wait, those are reskins? Not just the same skins coming back into rotation but reskins?

That says it all, lmao


Vet coat, the psyker helm, and everything Ogryn got is just a recolor. So’s most of the non-front-page stuff that got rotated in. Zealot is even worse off with getting an old armor rotated in instead of even a recolor.

Also, that Steel Legion reskin is going hard on the ‘sell the thematic helmet separately’ thing, and is worse off price-wise than the original, which bundled weapon skins and charms with it.


Brilliant… just brilliant.

Whoever is in charge of greenlighting the skins to be made needs a promotion, clearly.


It’s 40k - the majority of the player base is going to buy at least some of it, the whales will buy all of it, and Fatshark will get richer.

So yeah, that guy is getting a promotion because clearly they’re making bank.


Im not buying anything unless FS give me my free money.
and in that case i will get Zealot and Ogryn skins, psyker and vet look trash


You can complain but the whales will buy. My suggestion is to take the freeloader pill. Not that i don’t paypig from time to time for a good set to fulfill my fantasy of being a tabletop model. But because i do, you don’t have to!

I miss army painters.


Damn, little Johnny did a bad booboo again. After fragging up the krieg sets, good ol Johnny boy at Fatshark went up and did some recolors.

Army painters from SM and DoW were the best.
remember when customizing your characters didn’t cost you the price of the game?


they don’t care about the dolphin, they hunt the whale


Funny to think that the shark is hunting a whale and not a dolphin but then again, we’re talking about a FatShark…

thanks, I’ll be here all week…


If you want to support the game by buying “cosmetics” its your money, but this stuff is gone as soon as Fatshark decides their cloud services bill is too high and they just pull the plug on the servers.


Fun fact, my complaint is that the shop doesn’t rotate often enough for me to spend more cash on.

Rotate it every week or put EVERYTHING in the shop!


They should really just do this.


Oh, I know. Lord do I know. And I paid money for aquilas, so I don’t exactly have all the high ground to complain.

That doesn’t change the fact that what was said a long time ago still applies about Darktide: “You’re not a dive bar, so why are you acting like one?!

This game deserves better than microtransaction nonsense. The combat team deserves better than being shackled to RNG crafting and horrible itemization.


That’s the entire point of ‘rotating shops’ aside from the FOMO aspect. It’s far more difficult to compare and see when they re-use assets. They can get away with minimal effort and maximize profit.

Nothing wrong with re-using assets, but charging $15 for them is scummy. I wish they would re-think their MTX practices…Because I’d really like to purchase some cosmetics at some point


Yeah man everything is ok…I’m just tired.

Really tired.


I, for one, am glad of the repeat for Zealot, because I only learned about the voice FX of that helm a couple of days ago, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

(I’m also on-board with getting more items into the store; the concept of FOMO doesn’t bother me, but seeing the same set for 2 weeks isn’t going to make me want it any more/less)

Darth Dickot, or Dickot Vader? Can’t decide which I prefer :smiley:

This. I can’t stress this loudly enough.