Fatshark: When you do fix the cosmetic drop rates, you need to give a few to players who have been screwed

you’ve built up a LOT of ill will with you handling of this and you have about a week or two to come up with a fix before you lose your hardcore players like you did after vermintide 1 launch.

your house is on fire and you better grab that fire hose asap. when you apply the fix, you should give level 30 players a special chest with guaranteed cosmetics like Blizzard gives free packs and loot chests to players when they mess up. it would earn you a lot of good will.

personally i’m planning to get my remaining heroes to 30 then I’m going to quit until loot changes. I wont be opening up anymore chests until the loot changes though. i already have enough scrap mats to craft anything for anyone.

Something in your formula IS messed up, or just not appropriate for the changes you made.
getting 3 pieces of gear per run really just becomes a pain after you hit 30, because it is just 3 time the junk to scrap. I’d honestly rather just have vermintide 1’s loot system back because at least when you missed a red you knew how close you were. now you just open 100 chests with no idea

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