Getting bored like hell

I can’t find any reason to keep playing anymore. The lack of end game content has done it for me and I just log in, spend 2 min in the fort and log out just as fast. There is nothing to have, to get, to work towards.

What is your incentive to keep playing ?


Challenges and achievements.

Enjoyable gameplay, okri’s challenges.

The pure bliss of cleaving through endless baddies
Fun and shenanigans with friends
Those epic clutch games when the AI director goes totally bonkers and the PUG rises to the challenge
For Sigmar
Gotta settle those grudges sometime
Enjoy experiencing the dev and balance process


Fun. Spending time with friends (even if only virtually). Seeing my skills improve. Testing new, sometimes weird stuff. The feeling of success when we finally clear Against the Grain after recovering an intense clutch situation and wiping in the first farm four times in a row.

I don’t get my entertainment from chasing achievements or loot. They’re just bonus, or a means to an end. They sometimes give me (and my friends) direction, but the point (for us) is having fun playing, not chasing the challenges in itself.


I enjoying queuing into pubs games with me mate and we imitating voice lines from the characters lol.

“Hurry up mayflies, dwari, why are you off by yourself?”
“Why are you lumberfooting around”
“Stop being a focken drengbarazi”
“Oy, one of you wozzaks grab the grim”

My mate who only plays the dwarf calls everyone else “surface dwellers” and when he dies he blames us for taking a child soldier into combat. Tried explaining to him that the dwarf isn’t a kid, but he’s short, so he’s a kid to him.

But I mostly enjoy the combat and the challenge. Wiped on War camp for 5+ hours yesterday. Getting really unlucky with spawns and specials, etc. But finally got it down and got my legend outfit lol.



Playing with friends, difficulty mods, self-imposed challenges.

if you don’t enjoy more the game…mmm don’t play? simple

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Trying all of the different builds, weapons and careers. Seeing what I enjoy the most and farming for specific gear. Being satisfied with the way the combat mechanics work and the fun me and my friends have while playing.

Playing different stuff in between for variety instead of burning myself out on a single game for 500 hours straight…


^ this. Very important.

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Like this creates a fantastic synergy with Total War:WH games.


Indeed. Currently switching between Vermintide 2 and TW: Warhammer 2 campaign with my friend. Really good.


i thoroughly enjoy going into quickplay and judging people!

my thoughts in games:

oh my god this is legend, why are these 2 fighting a horde in the open, oh they’re dead now, gee i wonder why

this huntsman is pretty good, but i doubt he can kill a leech faster than i can

why is no one reacting to that packmaster coming up behind us, i should let it hook the mage for fun so i can ‘accidently’ shoot her

this bounty hunter keeps firing through me, i’m just gonna stay far away from him and see if he can survive on his own

i got a bomb and a str pot, patrols, come to momma!

this pyro is very active but he’s never going to keep up with me

oh my god let me handle the horde i have a friggin flamethrower get behind me stop dying randomly


:smiley: Best post on the forum yet and I might as well have written that myself.

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  • playing with rl friends
  • playing with random guys
  • the process of learning and improving
  • tinkering/messing with the gear
  • that trill caused by a moronite AI director going south, every run is potentially different
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don’t forget shoot ‘accidently’ to dwarf with drakegun

Challenges for me. I always think, ‘Ok, he is done… now on to the next’

I am playing hero classes I didnt really give a chance to before. Other than getting them to 30 and maybe a few + levels because I like one of the variants

My fav is Bardin though. I think he is nearing +260 or something

RV - needs some love, but can be fun too
IB - badass easymode hero
Slayer - just a badass… lol

Do you have the 500 deeds completed portrait?

No, right? Get cracking you slacker!

(Im about 850 hours in and im about to complete my 100)