How you doing there, fellow vermin-slayers?

Tell me your opinion about game right now, how do you look at gameplay, what bothering you, what do you like? Lets talk, every word is important!

Holy Sigmar in a bright blue Chariot, I think you need to put on your flame-proof suit!


I’m enjoying the game, it’s one of the few games I haven’t got bored of despite it being repetitive with the same maps. Hoping we get some new maps in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime I’ve just been working on getting all the Legendary costumes for each character. The duplicate reds are a bit annoying, I know the Devs said that they’re working on a solution. Hoping it comes soon. But yea, still enjoying the game even with 650+ hours

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The game is great in my opinion and i prefer it a lot more than the original for some reason, like, i had like 40 hours on end times but on this i have 300+ , some of the in game bugs dont bother me, because they don’t really take away the fun for me, the only glitches that do annoy me however, when you get hit by an attack no where near you or when you randomly die, But other than that the game is great, Im still waiting for some new content, like new maps, new weapons maybe new careers but the lack of content currently isn’t going to stop me from playing it.

But basically, the gameplay is fun, just swinging into a huge horde is extremely satisfying and a lot of the weapons have their own unique style to them, The current classes are all great for the most part, I have fun playing most of them and thats it really, good game

Despite some bugs on the xbox, smashin rat skulls with the 2H hammer still feels great. I hope the next update buffs some character skills, increases loot rewards and fixes some crash issues.

I’m just under 400 hours and having a great time, I play almost everyday and I’m just slowly getting all the skins. I’m done salty, kruber and bardin, now working on the wiz. I pop on v1 every now and then and do a few rounds as well

I usually have a very relaxed and easygoing play stile with games so a few bugs don’t bother me much when I encounter them and it takes me a long time to burn out.

I am very excited in the future of vermintide 2, as it along with the first are my favourite games but I’m in no rush for more content.

Great job Fatshark on making these awesome games

the base gameplay is very fun. however i think there’s not enough game modes, and there isn’t an end-game core loop design that keeps players perpetually involved. for example d3 has its ‘seasons’ where u can restart everything from scratch, and work your way up to a seasonal reward. i think its a good system to keep things fresh for players who already have everything they wanted in the base game and are just bored.

for game modes, they didn’t add in last stand i believe because it didn’t turn out so good (i feel that last stand was bad because it would almost always result in a loss because things would get too hard, i think some kinda system needs to be in place for example warframe - defence missions u can extract for a victory after every 5 rounds if you think it’s getting too hard.

unfortunately they designed this game to be quite rigid in the multiplayer aspect of things, for example there’s no global chat in game, there’s no trading system, no shop to buy stuff or spend money for cosmetics (i think they’re working on that?) the cosmetics itself is kinda lazy, it’s just a recolouring and nothing new for clothing, just new helms. the legend rewarded skins are very meh, just black and gold trimmings which sometimes don’t even look much different from the normal clothing. i spent a few days getting legend costumes and i don’t feel they’re worth the grind at all. one thing that warframe did was to allow players to design their own costumes, and put officially sanctioned ones on sale. that’s building a system to do the work for you, and i’m sure if fatshark opened up the doors for fashiontide, it would be a flood larger than any vermin horde.

maybe it’s also because of the outdated game engine they’re using (stingray) that doesn’t have any more support from autodesk i think.

i think they’ve built a fantastic game world, and it has so much potential to improve and monetise, but they’re kinda not jumping on the opportunities because, i don’t really know why.

Getting close to 200 hours and still lovin’ it. Skittergate comes a bit too often in qp but it’s fine, as it isn’t the way to play if you go after challenges. Additional content is always welcome.

I don’t really know… this whole Sylvanas plotline is weird. For the first time in history I feel sorry for the Horde. I wish I could bring in my Asur Loremaster to kick her ass.


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