Trying to see into this games future

I tried this game for the first time three weeks ago now and i got really hooked. I really like this game and i see so much potential in all directions of this game. So first i’d like to thank Fatshark for making this awesome game!

I see alot of people complaining about nerfs to different classes but i feel like there are more imprtant things to talk about at this moment. For instance the reward system, now i don’t got any solution myself but i got some ideas. Alot of ppl are skipping skittergate at legend because it’s length and/or the boss? This map takes almost twice the time as some maps to complete and you still get the same rewards i feel like this is kinda wierd.

I also feel like you might lose alot of new players when they are leveling, at least some of my friends i played with quit because of this. When we felt strong enough to go from recruit to veteran we had hopes for more maps to unlock and not the same as all other difficulties. And maybe new enemies to face for each new step up in the ranks :slight_smile: .

One of the most imortant thoughts but i feel like you already know about this. I don’t know if you made item/weapon traits/stats this way intentional but more explanations and hidden stats should show imo

I have no idea of your vision of your game Fatshark and this is merely a new fan of yours trying to come up with ideas to keep the game interesting. The ultimate 3-6 year vision i have in mind is of course new caracters, new maps, new enemies, new races, new weapons and so on.

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