I'm seeing fewer posts asking for solo mode...is it being filtered or are those players finally giving up?

It’s been almost a year since solo mode with bots was promised. I used to see constant posts asking for the feature, but lately not so much. Have I missed something? Is the topic being suppressed? Or are people finally walking away from the game?


You can create private lobbies now, so it’d just be you and the bots if you didn’t invite anyone to join you. There’s no true solo mode though. There might be a mod for it?

Ah, I see. And are these bots made up of the other characters you’ve made, or are they just random plain bots?

Good question. I’ve never actually used it myself, I prefer the randomness of pugs. Someone else will have to answer this one.

Don’t you still need to be in a party to create a private lobby ?

Unless you use a certain mod ?


From my knowledge, absolutely

Probably, like i said I’ve never tried to use it. For me it’s true solo or humans only. Bots are just liabilities.

Yeah, they’ve given up.


you definitly need 2 to create a private lobby.

I guess many of those who wished for solo by now just have given up on FS delivering what they promised and left.


I recently DMed catfish about this exact issue…according to her responce solo matches are not in the works or actively being worked at all. Possble future though.


Well, that’s all I needed to see. I’m done with this game lol. On to Starfield. :slight_smile:


Yep, not just you. There are a ton of people i know that didnt have an issue with alot of the “hot button” Darktide problems but being forced to play with other people when they didnt want to is 100% what killed it for them.

@FatsharkCatfish another one down because of lack of bot match options. We arent the loudest out here but there are more of us that want this then yall seem to think.


They haven’t left, the average player count has more or less been steady since the start of August, probably because of the Class Tree announcement.

The reason they have stopped being vocal about the issue is because there is a mod now that gives full solo play with progression. Same thing happened with the scoreboard, people shut up about the scoreboard when the scoreboard mod came out.


Failfield with; 16 times the detail and “it just works!”

Sorry, I just had to!

Seriously, I hope you have a great time with Starfield @GrimGearheart personally, the game is a huge step backwards for Bethesda, especially in the exploration part.

Also, while combat has never been Bethesda’s strong suit, exploration and questing used to make up for the lack of good combat.

Starfield cut out exploration for menu screens and even manages to take ground combat and make it much worse than their other games plus; made one of the worst MSQ’s they’ve ever done.

It’s totally fine if you avoid the MSQ when you can though.

Starfield is the first modern Bethesda game where I actively try to avoid ground combat because of how terrible it is.

I mean, I’ll form my own opinion when I play it. I guess my point was that there’s plenty of other titles out there right now. Starfield, Baldur’s Gate 3, etc. FatShark really fumbled the bag here.


I think the problem was that clearly there was something they needed to fix/spend a lot of time on to make a solo mode ready. When they released the game they said solo still had work to do and it would take a while to get ready. It’s not like they were ready to flip a switch and boom, solo mode is ready.

Then all the backlash happened, and they reset priorities. Which I agree with their decision.

As much as I’d personally like solo-mode as well (Sometimes I just don’t feel like dealing with people) I’m not particularly against them having things like the class system rework take priority over solo. Especially since there’s some decent mods for it now - such as play solo, and make it so the bots are your characters.

What I WOULD like to see is a bit of accountability, and have that be addressed at some point. They did said they would do it. But I’d rather see them publicly say that priorities have changed and it’s no longer being worked on, rather than it just being left quiet or answered in DM’s.

Just don’t forget to install Starfield on a SSD drive because the game is unplayable on a regular HDD.

From one broken game to another? Its just the way it is i guess.


Been reading forums since launch waiting for solo to show up at some point. Still haven’t bought the game since no solo yet and to much noise about broken mechanics, in game-stores etc.
It’s not like I am in any rush to buy it.
I made some solo post ½ a year ago’ish. But lost focus since FS dont talk about it or get it done.
Well maybe some day it happens …


As one of the people that was hoping for solo with bots, I still check in once in a while to keep tabs. I’ve more or less moved on though, I suspect many people have just given up at this point as well. I can understand shifting priorities based on feedback and urgency, but I wish FS was better at communicating some of this as I feel the lack of clear communication has turned alot of people away.

While I don’t blame Catfish for saying its essentially not even on the list (Don’t shoot the messenger right?), It is pretty disheartening to hear that its not being worked on when back in december(?) it was apparently almost done according to FS.

Overall, I’m not mad, just disappointed. But honestly? I’ve already accepted the strong possibility that Darktide will never be what I hoped for, and that’s ok, I will just play other games and move on. I suspect I am not the only one doing so.