I have finished the dust

Dust is always been a problem. As crafting system itself. At least, in 1.6, we could gain it playing normally Legend.

But currently Legend is a “second Cataclysm” and withuout a premade win ratio will be terribily low.

Not only we can’t anymore farming Reds, but we can’t neither reroll equips that we already have.

Please Fatshark, give us old Vermintide (or at least an half way).


Your typical answer near to flame. No, I mean that you need a good premade also for Legend.

I don’t know if “you” (in general) live in a perfect world, if “you” play only with your perfect and skilled friends, but QP Legend is an hell.

In 1.6, I could do true solo Legend. I can still deal with Legend and Cataclysm… but I can’t carry anymore.

95% of Legend players can’t anymore handle that difficoulty. Legend win ratio is low as we were on Cataclysm.

If you play solo, there isn’t Reds, dust, progression… Nothing. You play only for the challenge itself. A good thing if I was talking about Cataclysm… not Legend.


Nah most time im play with randos and for sure its more interesting than 1,6, before it you could clear legends with bots, thats is absurdal

Let’s make a distinction.

  • do you find the game funnier now? No problem, it is your opinion;

  • do you think that farming Legend is still possible? This is just a lie (without premade).

I would say there’s a couple different issues at hand here that y’all are treating as the same and getting confused when talking to each other.

  1. There’s no purpose to dust beyond crafting gear. Once you have gear, you’re going to accumulate thousands of every crafting material.

  2. The loot from Legend is already pretty good, barring any difficulty spikes from 2.0, so it’s hard to make Cataclysm loot better than Legend already is without introducing powercreep, which is something Fatshark doesn’t want to introduce with Cataclysm… which is why they don’t have a higher loot tier. We don’t want the highest loot tier to be “farmable” in the sense of being easy to acquire.

There needs to be some point to looting things after you’ve “finished” gearing your character. There is absolutely no reason for an end-game player to open a Champion Chest or even a Legend Vault. The loot system is very shallow.

Suggestions I’ve had elsewhere:

  1. Lohner’s Emporium needs to introduce a “dust sink” where we can spend dust (or even Essence) to spend in that shop to get cosmetics, so that way there’s a point to looting beyond getting gear.

  2. Crafting needs to not be a grind. It shouldn’t be like this where your only purpose for dust is to reroll Crit Chance + Attack Speed Crit Power. The only time dust comes into play for me is when Fatshark just table flips the meta so I have to reroll weapons to be optimal again. I have several thousand saved up and I’m not going to bother spending to reroll optimal properties for so long, because they’ll probably flip the table again.

  3. There needs to be a reason to play higher difficulties beyond “for the challenge”, because I’ve already been conditioned to seek out that Skinner Box high by opening crates, and now I’m bored of it. If there had never been a loot system in the first place, they could have justified Cataclysm being “for the challenge”, but it is impossible to say so now. Some suggestions to fix loot to greatly separate Champion/Legend/Cataclysm

    • Add new red illusions that drop more frequently on higher difficulties. Reds are already the best, so we can’t make reds drop more frequently or add a higher loot tier, for fear of introducing power creep. Instead, you could maybe model some new weapons or even just switch the RGB values like Bogenhafen. Maybe Cataclysm could drop literally red weapons, as in they glow red.

    • Add hats and character skins to regular boxes. There’s no reason for hats to be unique to Commendation Chests. I haven’t opened a Vault or Emperor’s Chest in ages just because I only need to open Commendation Chests to look for Bardin’s beanie. This is a poor interaction with the loot system.

Anyway @Perteks and @souI23, y’all are focusing on the idea of “farming Legend” and “making reds too common” which is just totally wrong. I play the damn game to have fun, not the grind. I’m here to kill rats, not to open crappy boxes.

The grind should be optional for those that want to seek out the rarest cosmetic items, not for the casual player that just wants to hop in and kill rats on Legend. The game’s loot system is very poorly designed and should be drastically overhauled. It’s tedious to the point of it getting in the way of fun, not adding to the fun like a drop system should. I don’t get excited by opening a vault anymore and I haven’t for a very long time since I got my reds all set up.

Because for this reason Fatshark has added Cataclysm. We have the endgame where the victory (regardless your skill) is not guaranteed, where a premade is needed, etc etc.

Currently we need a place where to farm. Because, that you like it or not, it is a Vermintide’s mechanics (it is enough to think that previous exp has been useless to reach lv35).

Legend qp win ratio is so low that you can’t obtain any progression (I’m not talking about farming, just progression). Three days ago I have crafted a Red weapons. I still haven’t the dust to reroll it.

Force premade in Legend is objectively wrong, because a lot of players haven’t friends and because there is already Cataclysm.

Should I rush Recruit for dust? Ridicolous.
Should I play Champion for Reds? Ah, right, gain Reds from Champ is pretty impossible… ah, right again, I had forgotten that you find lv20 players.

You are free to have your opinion, but there are two objective things:

  • we need a place where to do progress. An expert player must to find some friends or he is “locked”;

  • poll and feedback section speak clearly about the community wishes.

Said this, I have ended the discussion. Our ideas are simply too different (and honestly I don’t like you answer near to flame).

Then find new friends, there is a lot of option, premades are not wrong thing to do, you can always ask guy from qp that played good if they want to play again in future.
Legend qp is lower because you still see ppl that rush and die like previously its nothing new its just legend is little harder now and more balanced to be hard difficulty

You can clear legend with 1 good player if you are good enough, and carry rest of team I don’t see how thats problem to seek out ppl to play with, its team based game

Nope, this reasoning is selfish. First thing: for more reasons, not everyone can find a team; Second one: Fatshark can’t force this after one year. These are things that you must to establish before, as they have done with Cataclysm.

Anyway sorry, I had said that last message… was the last one. Now I have really finished. Have a nice day.

I appreciate your civil and motivated post, but I feel it’s a bit distant from reality.

I play for the fun, not to farm… but I find totally funny try more builds, more careers. I have 600h and currently I haven’t dust. I can’t neither reroll my red weapon that I have crafted. I refuse myself to rush Recruit for dust. And in qp Legend, win ratio is too low (I’m always the last hero alive, ranged or tank)

Currently Cataclysm is brutal (and imho also unfair, but this is another speech), you need a premade, perfect equip, etc etc… but to search other Reds to try other builds, now it’s a dream.

As write above, Fatshark can’t force premade after one year.

I can see people running out of dust… I’ve burned through a good 1,200 so far just trying out new builds and stuff.

If we had the weave crafting system in normal mode, this wouldn’t be an issue.


You absolutely do not need a premade to run Legend quick plays. You dont even need more than well bult bots (careers, talents, weapons). Yes, the crafting system blows, and it would be great to see the weave system be migrated over to the main game, but Legend is not even close to being difficult, especially if you arent doing book runs.



Well, there are some bug/unfair things that are objective (like bugged sound, enemies that spawn on your back, Beastmen that overshadow the other factions, etc etc)… for the rest, we play a different game. Because, in qp Legend, I just see people that die continuously and that can’t handle nothing.

But to be clear, it’s not their fault, the game is totally changed.

I don’t know what they want and at this point even if they said it, I don’t know if can trust them.

If loot system wasn’t RNG hellhole, sure. But as long as only reds have maxxed stats, heck no.

Agreed. This needs to be fixed. Like in this post:

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