I didn't realise how good a cosmetic was and I missed it. I don't want to wait weeks upon weeks to see it again

Issue Description:
The cosmetic set for “Lord” Eddy One-Eye has passed and I didn’t realise how good it was until the new sets were available.

I’m just wondering if you’ll let me purchase it, take the aquilas from my account if necessary, though I ‘understand’ if this isn’t permissible. (the outright requesting of cosmetics)

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Sorry @Zassaliss, we’re not able to purchase items on a player’s behalf. :frowning:

Then…can you replace one of the current items in my shop rotation WITH eddy one eye? (it’s only been a week, please, I hope you understand.)

welcome to FOMO mechanics :slight_smile: they are specifically designed to push you into purchasing stuff asap like a good pay piggie you are.

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